10 Best Bean Bag Chairs For Kids and Toddlers in 2021 (Top Picks)

Do you remember the time when everyone wanted a bean bag? Well, these fluffy chairs have made a comeback primarily because their modern transformation has no similarities to the uncomfortable and crunchy bean bag we knew. Instead, the new ones offer all the coziness that your kid needs.

Moreover, their low profile built makes them suitable for children of all ages. Well, do not go by our words only. Take a look at some of the best bean chairs for kids and toddlers that you can purchase in 2021.


Best for kids: If your child needs a personal space for eating, studying, and playing, then Posh Creations bean bag chair is a top-notch option to try. Available in a wide variety of designs, the chair looks great anywhere in the kid’s room, bedroom, or living room. Then, it’s comfortable, lightweight, and comes with a machine washable cover for ease of usage.

Best for toddlers: The ultimate resting station for your little one, the DockATot Deluxe+ Dock is one of the best beanbags if he or she is 0 to 8 months old. Its soft, comfortable, stylish and is available in different shades. The dock is perfect for playing time, eating, lounging and allows you to bond better with your loved one.


5 Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids

  1. Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair for Kids – B0821YG7J8

Made of blended cotton, the Posh Creations bean bag chair is soft and durable. This chair is filled with polystyrene beans, which means it’s ideal for all kids and teenagers. You can use this chair in multiple places including your child’s playroom, nursery, or school.

What do we like?

Posh Creations chair is available in 23 different designs, which means you can choose one of them according to the existing décor. So, this chair has a suitable shade to compliment any of the areas, whether its formal or casual. Apart from that, the chair comes with a machine washable cover. Hence, you don’t have to invest much time or energy in its maintenance.

What might please you the most that you can choose from three sizes; medium, large and extra-large. Hence, you can pick yourself or let the kids decide the comfortable size for them. No matter which one you choose, the chair is reliable and does not lose its shape even after frequent usage.

The chair offers ultimate comfort and is perfect for a wide range of daily activities. From studying, reading, drawing, or playing, this chair is perfect for both girls and boys. Plus, it’s lightweight at 8 pounds. So, you can easily carry this chair from one room to another.

What we don’t like?

The fabric is rough and uncomfortable according to some users.



If you need a low weight, comfortable and stylish bean bag for chairs that can look great anywhere, then the Posh Creations chair for kids is one of the best to try.


  1. Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair – B019OGSKSY

If your kids want to enjoy the classic feel of a bean bag, but with some added comfort of memory foam, then Sofa Sack ultra-soft chair is one of the best options to try. It offers high levels of comfort without taking much out of your pocket. All thanks to a decent height of 3 feet, this chair fits all the kids and teenagers without any hassles.

What do we like?

Sofa Sack bean bag chair is more enjoyable than a bed and hence, it’s a comfortable place for afternoon naps. The chair is made of memory foam, which is fluffier than beans. So, it works as a cradle for the kid’s body.

The soft bean bag chair is suitable for your kid’s bedroom or playing area. Moreover, it’s perfect for disabled kids who cannot sit on the floor to play. The chair has double stitching on its velvet cover that can withstand adult users as well.

This chair is very lightweight, which is helpful when you want to relocate it from one room to another. Apart from that, this option is available in 15 different shades. So, you can one of them according to your kid’s choice.

What we don’t like?

The memory foam beans sometimes take more than 24 hours to expand.


Available in multiple colors, the Sofa Sack bean bag chair is perfect for kids who love the added comfort of memory foam.


  1. Big Joe Classic Beanbag Smartmax – B00DQT7B2C

Are you looking for an affordable but long-lasting bean bag chair for your kids? Big Joe Classic Beanbag Smartmax is one of the best options to consider. Filled with lightweight beans, it offers a comfortable sitting experience.

The Classic Smartmax arrives filled with fluffy beans, which get compressed over time. However, you can refill the bean bag whenever required. Bean refills are available separately.

What do we like?

Bog Joe Smartmax is suitable for young kids. It comes with a water and stain-resistant cover. So, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth even if they create a mess.

The beanbag is available in 6 different shades. So, you can easily pick one of them depending upon your kid’s choice. You can also choose the color according to your existing home décor.

Overall, Smartmax is a suitable addition to kid’s playroom, their bedroom, or living room. The beanbag has a low weight of 3 pounds, so you can easily relocate it from one room to another. The chair has a sturdy handle for assistance. Plus, it has locked zippers that keep all the beans safe.

What we don’t like?

The beanbag’s cover is not removable or machine washable.


Big Joe Smartmax is a great option if you need a lightweight, easy to maintain, and pocket-friendly beanbag chair for your kids. It’s comfortable and is available in six shades, which helps you to choose one of them according to the existing styling of your kid’s room.


  1. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair – B019U2XY42

If you are looking for a significant bean bag chair that can easily accommodate three to four kids at once, then try the Chill Sack chair. All thanks to a size of 8 feet, it’s large enough to relax, play or watch some movies. Plus, the chair is available in 21 different colors.

So, adding fun to your kid’s room is easy with the Chill Sack bean bag chair. Not only for children, but it is also suitable for teenagers, collegegoers, and even adults.

This bean bag chair arrives compressed. So, you have to open the packaging, place the chair in an open area and let it expand. At 135 pounds, the bag is heavy. Hence, unpack the items at their desired location, until and unless you have some help.

What do we like?

The Chill Sack bean bag chair is filled with memory foam that offers a comfortable and luxurious resting experience for your kids. It’s covered with microfiber, which is soft and double stitched for durability. These are the primary features why Chill Sack Giant deserves a spot in your living room or basement.

This comfortable bean bag chair has an internal liner that’s helpful when you want to wash its cover. Plus, the cover is machine washable. Its means, you can easily maintain it.

You will like the fact that its cover is stain and discoloration-resistant. And why not? This chair is manufactured in the USA. So, you can expect high-quality design, comfort, and longevity.

What we don’t like?

The price is higher than many other variants.


Chill Sack Bean bag chair is perfect if you have multiple kids in the house. Due to a significant size, it’s also great if you want to play games or enjoy movies with your kids.

  1. 5. Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger – B005KL3LFU

The Pillay Plush has a hotdog-like shape that offers maximum comfort to your kids. Its middle area stretches according to your child’s weight and maintains the comfort level. Its cover is made of 100 percent polyester, which is machine washable and features a zipper for easy removal.

What do we like?

Available in two stylish shades, Pillay Plush is perfect for all kids with an age of 3 years and above. Just above 7 pounds, the lounger is lightweight. So, your kids can take it anywhere to play, read or rest.

As the lounger has an adjustable center panel, it offers years of comfort and enjoyment to your kids. Plus, the Pillay Plush has contoured sides that provide a cozy and warm space for naps. Moreover, its machine washable and hence, easy to maintain.

What we don’t like?

The cushion is very thin at the center. So, the lounger might be uncomfortable for your kids on hard floors or carpets. So, there are chances that you need to add some cushion or use the Pillay Plush on your bed or sofa.


If you want the complete worth of your investment, then try the comfortable and durable Pillay Plush by Leachoo. It’s easy to maintain. So, the lounge is also suitable for professional parents who have less leisure time.


5 best bean bag chairs for toddlers

  1. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock – B081KWHRB2

From its name, you can easily understand that the DockATot is a docking station for toddlers. The little mattress gives a snug feel to your kid so that he or she can get a cocoon-like comfort. Plus, it never poses a suffocation threat like other floor seats.

The Dock is compatible with kids up to 8 months. Supervised playing time can be better with this lounger because it’s comfortable and toxic-free. This seat is OEKO-TEX certified, so you can be sure that there is no harmful substance in its built materials.

What do we like?

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock is a multipurpose baby lounger, which can also work as changing terminal or a soft surface where your kid can eat. Plus, it’s lightweight. So, you can take the lounger anywhere. It can work as a comfortable spot for your baby on journeys.

The dock supports all the movements of your kid. Plus, it also helps you to bond with the newborn. This lounger is also useful when family members or guests want to play with the lovely kid.


What we don’t like?

The DockATot Deluxe+ Dock is expensive, but your kid outgrows it within 8 months.


If you need a multipurpose seat for your toddler, then DockATot Deluxe+ Dock is one of the best options to try. It keeps your little one safe and comfortable. Plus, the dock is also easy to maintain.


  1. Snuggle Me Organic | Baby Lounger & Infant Floor Seat – B07CPM1XJ8

The baby lounger was an instant hit when it was launched last year. Do you know why? Because whether it’s comfort, safety, and convenience, this option checks all the boxes.

Snuggle Me Organic infant floor seat keeps the kid comfortable and safe when he or she is awake. As you can understand from its name, this baby lounger is made of natural and chemical-free materials. Plus, due to its soft cotton cover, the baby relaxes without any interruption.

What do we like?

Snuggle Me baby lounger hugs the body of your kid and offers a comfortable as well as calming resting time. It is suitable for toddlers up to 9 months old, which means you can use it from day 1. This chair supports the torso and head of your kid, which keeps him or her comfortable.

The infant floor seat is manufactured using breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics and that does not contain any toxic or something that can harm your baby. Plus, it includes an organic cotton cover, which makes its maintenance easy. You can conveniently wash the cover instead of the entire seat.

What we don’t like?

The floor seat gets hot very easily, so it’s not suitable for summer. But, yes might be able to use it with the air conditioning powered on.


If you need minimalistic and comfortable baby gear that can keep him or her comfortable for short resting periods, then Snuggle Me floor seat is one of the best options to try.


  1. Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger – B003HIXOTQ

If you are looking for a lounger that can keep your little one comfortable all the time, then try the Leachco Podster. The seat has a unique construction that expands its center according to the child’s body. Also, this lounger has contoured sides that keep your baby in place.

Leachco Podster comes with adjustment tabs, which allow you to adjust it according to the size of your kid. So, if you want a seat lounger that can grow with your infant, then this seat lounger is one of the best options to try.


What do we like?

The Podster has adjustable tabs to offer versatile support. Cinch the tabs to create the perfect resting support for smaller infants. Similarly, you can release the them to create a bugger surface for large kids.

This seat’s design keeps the upper body elevated, which helps breathe as well as digestion. Hence, the Podster is better for the health of your kiddo if used for short durations. Its zippered removable cover is machine washable. Use only non-chlorine if required.

Most parents cannot take a clear shot of their babies because they are very active while awake. But, you can easily do it with the help of this seat lounger. You can take a clear image without any harness or belt in between.

What we don’t like?

The Podster has a deep center that you can only fill using an extra cushion. Plus, you cannot let the toddler sleep inside the lounger for a long time. It might be not good for his or her health.


If you want to keep your kid safe from reflux symptoms and breathing difficulties, then Leachco Podster is one of the best seat loungers to try. It keeps the toddler’s head elevated, so not only he or she rests comfortably, but also remains safe from minor burps.


  1. Boppy Original Newborn Lounger – B07TBV1FZH

If you looking for one of the best bean bag chairs for your kids, then try the Boppy original newborn lounger. Its incredible design keeps your little one comfortable, no matter what he or she is up to. The lounger acts as a feeding pillow since day 1 and later it starts working as a supportive and comfortable resting surface after the kid is at least 3 months old.

What do we like?

Boppy Original newborn lounger could be the perfect purchase if you have a newborn between zero to four months old. It works well when you need some hands-free minutes in the initial days. Plus, the chair is lightweight, so it can go anywhere with the kid.

This seat is soft and easy to maintain. You can spot clean or machine washes the pillow as per the requirements. Show the kid how you wash the fabric, so that he or she can start to learn something early.

The lounger is safe for your newborn because it’s formaldehyde-free and does not have any phthalates, lead, or any other element that can harm your loved one. Once the baby is more than 4 or 5 months old, you can pass this lounger to your pet. Or you can also donate it to an animal shelter. Pets like rabbits, cats, and dogs love sitting on such a seat.



What we don’t like?

Unfortunately, your kid cannot enjoy this lounger for a long time because it’s only suitable for toddlers up to 4 months and 16 pounds of weight. Plus, you cannot take out its cover. Some of the users also stated that its cover is not durable, which starts showing after a few machines washes.


The Original Newborn lounger is perfect if you are expecting or if you have a newborn anywhere between o to 4 months old. It keeps your little one nearby and also gives you free-hands for other activities.


  1. EIH Baby Nest,Baby Lounger – B08GFF9YGV

The Baby Nest by EIH is suitable for toddlers up to zero to nine months. It mimics the mother’s womb to provide maximum comfort and warmth to the kids. Plus, the sleeper bed allows you to enjoy hands-free conversation with your kid.

EIH baby lounger is one of the best gifts if anyone in your family or friends is expecting. It arrives compressed. So, follow the included instructions to install and use.

What do we like?

Made of 100 percent cotton, the baby lounger is comfortable and safe. It creates a sleeping place for your kid that you can place on your bed at the night. Apart from that, this baby nest has a hidden zipper, which allows you to take out its cover for easy cleaning.

Here is the good news.

EIH baby lounger has a high-quality cushion with good elasticity. So, it will not deform within a few usages. Plus, this sleeping seat is available in 5 different designs. Hence, you can choose one of them as per your preferences.

This baby nest grows with your kid. Loosen the bumpers to increases their size. In other words, this lounger can be useful for your child for a long time.

What we don’t like?

The provided zipper is of low quality and might break if mishandled.


Built according to the mother’s womb, the EIH baby nest is one of the best options for kids up to 9 months. Plus, it can also create a co-sleeping space for your kid, which is best if you want to keep him or her nearby all the time.




How to find the best bean bag chair for kids & toddlers?

What are your priorities while browsing furniture for your little ones? Most of the parents would say durability, reliability, and safety. But, how you know a bean bag chair has all these qualities? Well, we will discuss the same in this section.

Size: Bean bag chairs are available for toddlers, teenagers, college students, and adults. So, find the right size for your child. Small seats are good for toddlers, but the bigger ones are great for teens who want to sink into added comfort.

Structure: After knowing some of the best bean chairs for kids, you can easily understand that these items are available in a variety of designs and structures. Some of them are great for short resting periods while a few can be used for sleeping. So, it’s better to make a selection according to your requirements.

Maintenance: Well, it depends upon your lifestyle. But, most of the time it’s better to invest in something that you can easily clean and maintain. So, try a bean bag chair that you can easily clean. Look for an option that has a removable cover, which is machine washable.

Comfort: Prefer a bean bag with a softcover. Avoid options that have a rough texture. Memory foam bags could be the best if your kids enjoy contouring comfort.

Support: A bean bag chair is perfect for reading, resting, studying, and doing multiple other tasks. If your child will spend a long time on the chair, then it’s a nice idea to look for something with maximum support. So, avoid bean bags that slouch too much.

Built materials: Pick a bean bag that does not have any toxic elements like phthalates, lead, and cadmium. The chair should be free from anything that can harm your kid.

Durability: Strong and dual stitching often results in a long life for the bean bag chairs. Such sewing minimizes the risk of ripping and also adds some more years to the chair. So, try something with dual stitching.

Style & color: The beanbags chairs for kids are available in a wide range of styles and colors. So, choose something that can match your kid’s personality. If your kid can choose the design, it’s better to ask him or her.



Are bean bags good for children?

Children love to study and play on a bean bag because it allows them to settle and maintains their comfort level. Apart from studying and playing, a bean bag is also great for kids when they want to watch TV or relax for a while. So, yes bean bags are good for children.

Are bean bags dangerous for kids?

Bean bags are unsafe for kids under 12 years of age. It’s the reason why bean bags sold in some counties come with a warning: Children can suffocate inside this bag if the beans are inhaled or swallowed. So, never allows the little ones to play or rest on a bean bag unsupervised. Plus, never allow them to enter inside such a bean bag.

Is it safe to sleep on a bean bag?

Sleeping on a bean bag might be unsafe because it releases harmful emissions in the initial days, which is generally due to the memory foam. Such emissions can irritate your breathing system. However, the odor vanishes if you use the bag in a ventilated area for the first few days. Even then, do not allows the young kids to sleep in on a bean bag.

Is sitting on bean bag healthy?

A high-quality bean bag supports your kid’s back, which reduces the pressure on their spine. So, the little ones can rest or study with full comfort and relaxation. No matter the children are sitting or lying on a beanbag, it will not put any tension on their back. So, sitting on a bean bag is healthy.


Final talk

Beanbags have changed a lot since their inception and we are not surprised. They are versatile, comfortable, and fun, unlike other chairs. Great for watching TV, resting, playing, and studying, you can try them to add some more entertainment to your kid’s life.

We have discussed some of the best bean bag chairs for kids and toddlers. If you looking to buy a new one, then one of these options will fit your requirements. These beanbags and loungers are safe to use and keep your child comfortable for a long time. We have selected options from different price ranges, so you can choose one of them according to your budget.



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