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Sitting in a good posture has multiple health benefits. But, it’s not possible to maintain your position for all the working hours. So, what is the best way to be safe from the side effects of bad spose?
You can try working behind standing desks, which might take some time, but does the job effectively. Or you can go for one of the best chairs that can help you engage the right muscles of your body. Let’s talk about seven top-notch options that can give the health benefits of being active and sitting in the right posture.

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – B006JBWYDA
• Material: Metal, plastic
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
Gaiam puts an exercise ball in the middle of a chair, which not only improves your posture but also keeps you comfortable. Its height is adjustable if you decrease the air pressure. There is a front metal bar that holds this exercise ball in its position.
The Classic balance chair has ergonomic back support for additional support. It strengthens your core muscles while you work on the computer. So, this option might be perfect if you cannot find time to work out every day.
In addition, the balance chair encourages spinal alignment to keep back pain at bay. It engages both your body and mind, resulting in high energy levels, better productivity, and concentration on work. Plus, there are 4 easy-glide caster wheels.
Gaiam balance ball chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. Keep in mind that this chair can only accommodate users between 5’2” and 5’11”. So, if you are taller than these numbers, look for an alternate.
• Ergonomic back support
• Strengthens core while you are sitting
• Boost energy and productivity
• Rolling and lockable wheels
• Lightweight, but a durable base

2. Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool – B01GVVQNL6
• Material: Plastic
• Weight capacity:
Office chairs are evolving and they tend to look more futuristic nowadays. The active earning stool is one of those models, but don’t get fooled by its minimalistic appearance. This chair encourages you to sit in proper posture while strengthening your core muscles.
The learning stool deserves your attention because of its easy-to-use pneumatic gas lift, which makes the chair easy to customize like it is in a saloon. The stool adjusts between 18.5” to 28”. Plus, it has a slip-free base that supports a wide range of sitting positions and motions.
What’s special about this stool is its flexibility, which makes you an active person. If you have always used a chair with back support, then you might feel the burn for early hours. But, once you get hold of the active learning stool, you will start noticing the results.
• Height adjustable according to your needs
• Rocking motion to keep you active
• Soft vinyl upholstery
• Perfect for start-ups

3. Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair – B003BWS8GC
• Material: Aluminum, Nylon
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
Are you dissatisfied with the comfort of your existing office chair? Or are you dealing with leg or hip pain? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time to try Jobri BetterPosture, which is one of the best chairs to improve your posture.
This is a saddle chair, so might not suit everyone. However, this model can be a game-changer for the right user because it improves your posture so that you can feel and work better. Plus, the chair has small dimensions. So, it gels seamlessly into your office interior.
The maximum weight capacity of the BetterPosture chair is 250 pounds, which is noticeable because most of the ergonomic saddle chairs in the market don’t have a high weight capacity. Its height adjustment is another impressive feature, which allows you to change your seat height from 21” to 28”. The height adjustment is gas-assisted, which means it’s effortless.
Jobri BetterPosture has a waterfall effect seat, which is covered in PU. It is very comfortable to sit for small durations. Keep in mind that this chair is not designed for computer professionals who spent more than 8 hours on the workstation.
• Strong and durable aluminum base
• Designed to help maintain good posture
• Promotes good circulation and reduces stress
• Nylon casters for easy movement


4. Duorest Gold Ergonomic Office Chair – B004YQNT40
• Materials: Metal, fabric, urethane
• Seat height:
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
Duorest office chair comes with unique dual backrests that support your upper body and removes all the pressure from the lower part of your backbone. With such an arrangement, this ergonomic chair offers comfortable sittings sessions, wherein you can concentrate on important things. Due to such a supportive backrest, it also keeps back pain at bay.
The dual backrest maintains constant support irrelevant to your sitting positions. Both of them move individually to offer maximum comfort and maintain the right posture. Moreover, their width and height are adjustable. The chair’s armrests are height adjustable as well.
Duorest ergonomic chair has a curved seat pan, which is designed according to human body structure. This seat maintains blood circulation and muscle movement to offer extreme comfort. Then, the chair has a height-adjustable headrest, which helps you to maintain healthy sitting postures and reduce fatigue even after long sitting hours.
This office chair has a tilt mechanism that you can control using an inbuilt lever beneath its seat. You can also lock the position at any desired angle. Built using a tripe Y urethane caster base, it’s very stable and can withstand a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds.
• Incredible support for the upper body
• Keeps the backbone free from pressure
• Adjustable backrest depth
• Tilt and lock mechanism

5. DR.LOMILOMI Ergonomic Kneeling Chair – B08C9FJQ7F
• Materials: Metal, vinyl leather
• Weight capacity: 350 pounds
Dr. Lomilomi ergonomic kneeling chair is one of the most comfortable options to try. If you enjoy thick cushioning, then you will like its molded foam base with memory foam on its top. Apart from being cozy, this kneeling chair is height adjustable between 23 to 27 inches.
The ergonomic chair has wheels so that you can easily change its location. None of the wheels creates much noise while rolling. Plus, all of them have brakes when you want to keep the chair stationary.
Dr. Lomilomi ergonomic chair has a flame retardant vinyl leather upholstery, which is durable and soft. It’s abrasion-resistant and oil-proof, so you can maintain the chair without investing much time or effort. Moreover, the chair has a hydraulic system for easy height adjustment. It has a single side lever for easy height adjustment.
The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 350 pounds. This model is available in two different shades; black and grey. So, you can choose one of them as per your choice. It also comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.
• Ergonomic design to promote healthy posture
• Memory foam for extra comfort
• Easy height adjustment
• Wheels with brakes
• Limited warranty of 1 year

6. ErgoErgo Ergonomic Stool – B07KFC6GGF
• Materials: Recyclable technopolymer.
• Weight capacity: 225 pounds
The ErgoErgo stool is one of the most ergonomic chairs we have ever reviewed. Maybe that’s why it has ergo twice in the name. So, you cannot understand something else even by mistake.
This ergonomic chair is very springy, yet balanced. So, you need to be focused all the time. Otherwise, you might bounce right off the chair.
You have to constantly use your core muscles to sit in an upright position, which strengthens them. Plus, sitting in the right posture maintains blood circulation. Proper blood flow results in a healthy body.
In addition, your mind receives the required amount of oxygen, so that you can be more productive. The brain will remain active and awake if it’s getting enough blood and oxygen. An alert mind means more focus, better productivity, and top-class results.
Ergoergo ergonomic stool is made in the USA using recyclable technopolymer. So, it might be a suitable investment if you are an environment enthusiast. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 225 pounds and it’s perfect for all users between 5’ to 6’4” in height. Apart from that, it comes with a warranty of 2 years.
• Support a wide range of postures
• Keeps the mind alert and active
• Suitable for offices, residence, schools, and all other commercial establishments
• BIFMA certified

7. Freedom Saddle Seat Humanscale Chair – B00PAPP52S
• Materials: Textile
• Weight capacity: 300 pounds
You might think that a saddle seat is not comfortable, but the case is different with the Freedom Humansacle chair. Apart from being comfortable, its bike saddle-inspired seat also improves your posture. The chair lowers down your hips and opens up your thighs. The increased space between your hips keeps the spine aligned naturally.
The Humanscale chair has a soft seat. It is also height adjustable. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds. Plus, it can easily accommodate all the users between 5” to 6’4” users.
As you can see, Humanscale chair is can accommodate all the average-sized and tall users, which is a great sign if you are purchasing it for your staff. The chair has contoured cushions that follow the user’s movements. So, it will be comfortable for all your employees.
• String and durable base
• Body contouring cushion
• Wheels for easy relocation
• Available in five different colors

The significance of Good Posture
Sustaining a healthy posture is very important if you want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. If you are sitting upright, it means all your bones and muscles are properly aligned. Plus, the tension in your ligaments and related muscles are distributed properly. Hence, none of your body parts have to bear any additional pressure.
• Better coordination: An upright posture allows your muscles to coordinate properly and efficiently. So, they utilize less energy. Hence, you can work for a long without much fatigue.
• Healthy spine: Maintaining a good posture keeps your spine naturally aligned. This means, there will be minimal pressure on your spinal joints and their ligaments. So, you will never deal with any spine-related health troubles.
• No back pain: Back, neck, or shoulder pain is a result of poor sitting posture. But, if you are maintaining a healthy posture, you will never experience such irritating problems.
• Less wear and tear: Properly aligned bones receive less wear and tear because they are used correctly. So, they will co-operate with you for a long time, even in the older ages. Plus, there are minimal chances of chronic diseases similar to arthritis.

Risks of Poor Posture
Sitting in bad posture makes multiple negative impacts on your body. Let’s talk about them in this section.
Injuries: Sit in an upright posture and you will notice that your spine is forming an S shape. If you continuously sit in the wrong positions, then this shape can change to put excessive pressure on other parts of your spine. The human spine can absorb shocks, but bad sitting or standing postures will degrade this ability. Hence, your body will be prone to serious injuries in case of a fall or accident.
Back pain: Poor posture puts unnecessary pressure on your upper and lower back. Plus, it also puts pressure between your shoulder bones, which causes your back muscles to flatten, resulting in pain. If are experiencing pain upper back and around your tailbone, then there are chances your sitting posture is not right.
Headaches and neck pain: Sitting in a poor posture puts excess pressure on your posterior muscles, which is bad for your neck. Whether your shoulders are raised, bend, or hunched, then all your neck muscles tighten resulting in a headache. Expect similar results if you sit with your head aiming downward.
Improper sleep: Bad posture compromises most of the muscles in your body, which never allows you to relax at the night. You will struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position for your neck and back, which will disturb your sleep cycle.
Deranged digestion: If you are working for more than 8 hours, but cannot maintain healthy sitting postures, then it will hamper your digestion. Avoiding these troubles will slow down the digestion process and may cause severe stomach problems.
Lack of confidence and motivation: You cannot feel comfortable while sitting incorrectly, which results in lower productivity. No one in the office or society cares about a person who is not good at his or her job. It will affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Causes of bad posture
Unfortunately, numerous factors can result in bad sitting or standing postures. Let’s discuss some of the common factors.
Slouching while sitting: When you are sitting in a drooping way, it causes pain in your shoulders, neck, and back. So, you can easily understand that it’s not a natural position to sit. Slouching generally happens when you are completely focused on your work, or you have forgotten about your posture.
Smartphone usage: Most users tilt or bend their heads a lot while using the smartphone. Such positions stress your spine, especially if you are using your phone for more than 3 to 4 hours every day.
Whiplash: An accident or sports-related injury can result in whiplash, which is an internal injury caused by the sudden and forceful movements of the head and neck. Such an incident generally results in neck pain, backache, or fatigue and all of them make negative impacts on your posture. These symptoms could be visible after days or even weeks.
Inadequate sleeping positions: Sleep in wrong positions today and it will cause unhealthy postures since the next morning. Most of your nerves, joints, and muscles get affected when you sleep in the wrong positions, which generally results in back and neck pain.
Stress: Do you think poor posture is only about physical factors? It’s also affected by your emotions. For instance, stress contracts certain parts of the human body. So, the muscles cannot support your spine to maintain an upright position.
Carrying a heavy bag: If you are bearing a heavy bag on one of your shoulders, then it will exert a lot of pressure on your back. Carrying such a weight for long durations can suppress one shoulder then the other, resulting in pain and bad postures.
Old age and additional weight: As you grow old, your body start to droop towards the ground. So, you will not be able to keep your spine in upright positions, which can cause multiple health problems including breathing issues, poor balance, and falling over.
Poor posture is also a result of additional weight in your middle part. Your body try to manage the extra heft by pushing your pelvis forward, which exerts pressure on your lower back, resulting in pain.

Proper Sitting Posture
• Always sit upright with a straight back. Your hips should touch the backrest of the chair.
• Your spine should make an S-shape while sitting. You use the lumbar support of the chair to maintain your posture. If the chair does not have lower back support, then use a lumbar roll to support the curves of your spine.
• Reach the end of your chair and slouch.
• Draw your back and try to make the spine curves as prominent as possible. Maintain the same position for 10 seconds.
• Now, release your position up to 10 degrees. This is a good posture to sit in.
• Distribute your body weight on the hips.
• Keep your feet flat and bend the knees at the right angle. Place your knees parallel to or higher than your thighs. Use a stool or footrest if required.
• Never sit with your legs crossed and avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes.
• Rest your elbows and arms on the desk or armrests, so that your shoulders can feel relaxed.
• If your chair swivels for 360 degrees, then do not twist your weight while sitting. Instead, rotate your entire body.
• When you want to stand, the best idea is to move to the chair’s front and unfold your legs to stand up. Do not bend too much from your waist. Stretch by doing some backbends if you feel stiffness or strain in your muscles.
If your chair does not have back support, then follow the given tips to maintain a good sitting posture.
• Distribute all the body weight evenly on both your hips.
• Keep your knees at a right angle, but at a higher level than your hips.
• Your feet should be flat on the ground.
• Do not sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes. Rest all the points are the same as we discussed above.

What type of chair is best for posture?
Saddle chairs are one of the best for posture because they keep your spine in a healthy position. According to studies, a saddle chair also reduces the risk of spinal injury and pain when compared to other ergonomic variants.
Do posture chairs work?
None of the posture chairs comes with back support. So, if you are sitting on one of these chairs, then it will compel your core muscles to work throughout the day. After regular usage, you will notice a significant improvement in your core muscles.
How do I choose a chair for back pain?
Try to pick a height-adjustable chair, so that you can maintain a good posture. It’s better to choose a seat with waterfall edges. Plus, the seat and backrest should wide and deep to support all your sitting positions. Lumbar support is also beneficial in back pain. For instance, Duorest Gold Ergonomic Office Chair has most of these qualities.

Final talk
Like your teachers and mother must have told you – sit straight. Well, remember it and do not lean forward or slouch while sitting. And as we discussed, keep your feet flat on the ground.
The chairs that we discussed above not only reduce a lot of health risks, strengthen your core muscles and prevents back pain but also help you to work with better concentration. Getting used to one of these chairs might take some practice. But, it’s worth your efforts.




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