10 Best Chair for Programmers in 2021(Ultimate Buying Guide)

Best Chair for Programmers

What is the best chair for programmers? Are you looking for a comfortable chair for coding all day long? Or are you dealing with back pain after working on the computer for 12 hours without breaks? Well, stop on this page because here, we will discuss some of the top-notch sitting solutions that can keep you comfortable for prolonged durations. Without any delay, let’s start.

If you don’t have time to check all the recommendations, then here are the favorites.

Best overall: Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair

Herman Miller Embody deserves a standing ovation because it invites you to work for some extra minutes. All thanks to its broad seat, breathable backrest, and pixelated support, the chair offers unmatched comfort and support. It’s durable and also comes with a 12-year warranty.

Best value: Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair

If you don’t want to invest a high amount in office furniture, then Marvel Spiderman chair is a fantastic option. It’s affordable but includes all the features that you need while working on a computer for long hours. Plus, the chair has a massage function on its lumbar support.


Best chairs for programmers in 2021

  1. Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Office Chair – B01DGM7ZII
  • Materials: Recycled
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Herman Miller is one of the best brands that manufactures high quality computer chairs. Their Embody Ergonomic office chair one of their latest releases. If you need a comfortable high-end chair, then it’s one of the best options to try.

Features and Benefits

Embody office chair has a broad seat and a breathable backrest that’s designed like a human back. This chair has Backfit adjustment, wherein its backrest adapts your movement and adjusts according to your sitting positions. This means, no matter you sit upright or recline, its offers constant support.

This office chair is built upon pixelated support, which confirms your body even if you move a little. Such an arrangement maintains proper blood flow in your body and maintains your focus, which makes a positive impact on your programming results. Also, the chair’s ergonomic design keeps your head directly in front of the computer screen, reducing shoulder or neck pains.

The Embody is built with four support layers to promote airflow and keep you comfortable. The chair’s price might be comparatively higher than other models, but the furniture deserves your attention because of the comfort and support it offers. Plus, this model is available in three different colors, which helps you to choose one of them depending upon your requirements.



What do we like?

Herman Miller Embody offers excellent support and comfort, which helps you to code for long durations. If you are a developer, then you can understand what we are talking about. As it’s built with breathable fabric, you will be moisture-free during long coding sessions.


As we stated earlier, Herman Miller Embody has all the features to keep you comfortable for long coding hours. But, its price tag is higher.

Our verdict

Herman Miller Embody is perfect if you spent a lot of time in front of the computer. It’s suitable for all software developers who need some added comfort while coding. Yes, the investment is high, but you will not regret because of its high-quality sitting experience.


  1. Marvel Avengers Massage Gaming Chair – B07ZRG8YH9
  • Materialss: Steel, carbon leather
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds

The Marvel Avengers gaming chair is built with only one motive; to keep you comfortable. It has a high backrest and broad seat, which keeps you supported in all the sitting positions. The chair has high-density molded foam to offer maximum relaxation. What’s more? It has a massage function at the lumbar.

Features and Benefits

What are the traits of a high-quality programmer’s chair? It should be durable, comfortable, adjustable, and supportive. Well, the Marvel Spiderman chair ticks all the boxes.

The Avengers chair is affordable, but it has a long-lasting and stylish built. This furniture is constructed around a steel frame that has 1.5 mm thick tubes. Then, the chair has a high degree of recline, which you might not find in this price range. You can lock the back support anywhere between 90 to 180 degrees. So, you can code, play games, chill, read and even sleep on this chair.

What do we like?

Marvel Spiderman chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, which means it can easily accommodate all the average-sized users. This chair has resilient carbon leather with detailed embroidery, which looks stylish. Apart from that, it has a 3D adjustable armrest that promises unconditional support to your wrists and elbows.


The maximum height of this chair is 18 inches, which is not suitable for tall users. So, if you are taller than 6’3” or 6’4”, then this model might not accommodate you properly.


Our verdict

Marvel Avengers computer chair is perhaps a high-quality option for users who loves Spiderman. Without paying a high price, you can get one of the most attractive and comfortable programmer chairs.


  1. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – B07Y8BXBX8
  • Materials: Nylon, mesh
  • Weight capacity: 280 pounds

Gabrylly Ergonomic chair is standard office furniture that comes with multiple features to enhance your support and comfort. First is its curved back support that relieves the pressure from your body. Then, there is some lumbar support and an adjustable headrest that help you to lean back without worrying about your neck.

Features and Benefits

Gabrylly office chair comes with a tilt function that allows you to recline up to 120 degrees or sit straight. Apart from that, it has a flip-up armrest that you can remove if not in use. The chair also swivels for 36 degrees and adds to your convenience.

The office chair is finished using a high-quality mesh, which keeps you cooler as compared to other cushioned chairs. It prevents sweating and is perfect if you sit for 4 to 6 hours every day. Also, the chair has a robust and long-lasting base with grip points for your feet.

Made of strong nylon, the chair is robust and durable. It comes with high-quality PU casters that never makes any damage to wooden floors. Also, the chair rolls without making any noise and disturbing other employees.

What do we like?

Gabrylly mesh chair has adjustable seat height. So, you can change its height according to yours to get a comfortable sitting position. The chair has a reliable gas lift for long-lasting services. In addition, it has a tilt tension knob that helps you to adjust recline tightness.


Gabrylly office chair is only suitable for users within a height equal to lower than 6 feet 2 inches. If you are taller than this, then you might not be able to enjoy its headrest.

Our verdict

If you are not very tall and you do not expect too much from a programmer’s chair, then Gabrylly office chair might be the best bet. It available at a pocket-friendly price tag and has sufficient features to maintain your comfort and support.



  1. Steelcase Gesture Chair – B016OIF2JU
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Steelcase is known for manufacturing high-quality office and computer chairs. Their Gesture chair is also a high-end product that’s designed using strong and long-lasting components. It’s the reason why this model is comparatively expensive than many other options recommended on this list.

Features and Benefits

Steelcase Gesture Chair imitates human body postures, especially the neck and back. It uses 3D LiveBack Technology that mimics the shape of your spine and releases pressure from your back. The back support keeps your spine in its natural form irrelevant of your sitting positions.

The chair has flexible seat that imitates your sitting position and allows you to move freely. This computer chair has built-in air pockets in its seat that reduce pressure due to long sitting sessions. Plus, the chair’s edge is flexible around its perimeter, which relieves pressure under your thighs.

The chair has an adjustable armrest that moves 360 degrees. You can rearrange the armrests back, forward, sideways up, and down as per your convenience. Apart from that, it has 5 sets of wheels that are perfect when you want to change the location.

What do we like?

Due to 3D LiveBack Technology, you can freely move around without feeling any stiffness in your muscles. Adjustable armrests reduce the pressure on your wrists and keep you comfortable. There are 4 reclining positions to keep you comfortable all the time during working hours.

Steelcase Gesture chair comes pre-assembled. So, you don’t have to invest much time and energy to set it up. Plus, this model comes with a warranty of 12 years, which is great in case you face any quality manufacturing issues.


At 57 pounds, the Gesture chair is heavier than other chairs for programmers. So, you might face some difficulty moving it from one location to another.

Our verdict

Steelcase Gesture chair is perfect if you work for endless hours. All thanks to its high quality built, the chair offers maximum comfort. It is also suitable for offices that are active 24 by 7.


  1. SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair – B07BDFW1Y7
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, mesh, cotton
  • Weight capacity: 330 pounds

The Sihoo ergonomic adjustable office chair is one of the best options for programmers. It’s available at a pocket-friendly price but makes your working hours more comfortable than ever. Moreover, the chair looks stylish in any workplace and comes with multiple features that keep you concentrated on the codes.

Features & Benefits

Sihoo’s ergonomic chair might remind you of many other mesh-based models that you will find in the market. However, the chair’s heavy-duty construction and affordable nature make it worthy of your investment.

The office chair has a classic professional appearance and it looks elegant due to a stylish design. Take a look from the front and you will find it sleek with natural curvature. Plus, the chair is available in black and grey, which matches the standard of your workplace.

Crafted according to the human body, this chair has an S-shaped backrest that releases your spinal pressure by mimicking its shape. Then, the chair has adjustable lumbar support. Moreover, there is a swivel headrest. With all these features, this office furniture is one of the best fit for your body and office.

What do we like?

Sihoo adjustable office chair is easy to setup because it comes with everything that you need for the assembly. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert to set it up. Apart from that, this chair is recommended by the Ergonomic Applications Association. So, it’s clear that this one is more comfortable and supportive than other variants available at a similar price bracket.


Tall users might face some difficulty while finding the right sitting posture. So, the chair is not suitable for individuals that are taller than 6 feet.

Our verdict

Sihoo office chair is suitable if you need a high-quality chair without spending a high amount. This is a long-lasting item that’s easy to clean and hence, it’s also perfect for busy professionals who cannot find much time for maintenance.


  1. Homall computer chair – B01N2VJBNT
  • Materials: Steel, Pu leather
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds

One of the cheapest computer chairs, this Homall furniture is surprisingly comfortable. The chair is easy to assemble because of its low-weight parts. Plus, the manufacturer has responsive customer support that’s helpful if you face any problem while installing the chair.


Features & Benefits

The seat height of this computer chair is adjustable between 17.3 to 21.5 inches. As you can see that the maximum height of this furniture is high. So, it’s suitable for users between a height of 5’4” to 6’3”.

Homall computer chair has a recline function that sprawls between 90 to 180 degrees. You can control the recline tension using a knob beneath the chair. Plus, it has a rocking function that you can enjoy using the same knob.

Two external pillows add to your comfort levels. You will like the secondary pillow, which moves up and down as per your requirements. So, you can use it where you need the maximum support.

What do we like?

No matter how much money you spent on a programmer’s chair, it will be wasted if the furniture is not comfortable. It’s where the Homall computer chair excels and becomes your favorite within a few days.

Talking about the backrest, it’s padded with liberty, unlike other computer chairs where you will only find a piece of thin cloth covering the back support. The seat is also comfortable because of its thick and high-density foam.

Overall, if you weigh less than 200 pounds and you are not more than 6’2”, then Homall computer chair is one of the best options to try. Plus, its overall build quality is also solid. It means this chair will last for a long time even after regular usage.


The chair has a description stating that it can withstand up to 300 pounds. However, as per the chair’s built quality and dimensions, this furniture cannot bear more than 200 lbs. Apart from that, the armrests are non-adjustable. So, the only way to rearrange it by changing the chair’s height.

Our verdict

Homall computer chair is targeted for users who don’t want to spend a lot, are not taller than 6’2”, and weigh lower than 200 pounds. We suggest you try something else if you are bigger or heavier than the given numbers.


  1. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair – B002LK1YNO
  • Materials: Chrome, polypropylene, nylon, mesh
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

As you can understand from the manufacturer’s name, the Ergohuman high back swivel chair is an ergonomic piece of furniture that’s designed to adapt all the sitting positions of a human body. As a coder, you might have to spend endless hours to get rid of all the errors. So, you need a chair that has the right structure to support your working position. It’s the reason why this model deserves your attention.


Features & Benefits

All thanks to inbuilt lumbar support, the Ergohuman chair offers complete support to your back. An adjustable headrest makes sure you don’t have to stress your neck or shoulders. Also, it has height adjustable armrests, which help you to keep your wrists and elbows as per your comfort and requirements.

Ergohuman chair has 3 tile positions and height adjustment. It uses a Synchro-tilt mechanism that keeps you comfortable and offers incredible support irrelevant of your position. The chair has pneumatic cylinders for height adjustment.

The maximum height of this high back chair is 22.2 inches and the lowest is 18.5 inches. Its maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. Looking at these numbers, you can understand that this chair can easily accommodate most of the average-sized coders.

What do we like?

Due to the pneumatic cylinder, you adjust the height of this swivel chair without using too much force. It has too many adjustments that offer complete support and comfort to your body. So, it gives you the freedom to move as per your will without experiencing any stiffness.

The chair has a locking system that helps you to set it at your preferred sitting or recline position. Apart from that, it’s available in six different colors. So, you can choose one of the shades as per your preferences and existing décor.


Looking at the built quality and features, the chair is a little overpriced.

Our verdict

Constructed with recycled Materialss, the Ergohuman high back chair is suitable for coders who care for their environment. It’s also a great investment for busy professionals who tend to work all day long.


  1. RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair – B076HT2RFQ
  • Materials: Faux Leather
  • Weight capacity: 275 pounds

Not all computer chairs are made equal and Respawn 110 will prove it to you. This gaming chair has the design and feature to be a talking point next time you meet with your fellow programmers. Its stylish, unique and offers exceptional comfort.

Features & Benefits

Respawn 110 creates is a solid option if you want to create a powerful presence in the office. It’s available in nine different colors. The grey shade is perfect for classic coders who love java or laravel. It looks stylish and standard in any interior setting of your workplace.

The computer chair is easy to assemble. It comes with six pieces along with all the tools required for the overall assembly. An expert can configure this furniture within 20 minutes.

This gaming cum office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. It has a strong and durable base. Also, the chair comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

What do we like?

Similar to the Homall computer chair, Respawn 110 comes with a padded headrest and lumbar support. Both of them work well and keeps your back and neck pain-free, even during long coding sessions. Then, it has a double padded wide seat that offers the required level of support and comfort.

The computer chair is finished with bonded leather, which is soft and easy to clean. Due to such a plush and lavish sitting surface, it invites you to sink into a project and lose yourself in all those codes, objects, and applications.

Respawn 110 reclines from 90 to 155 degrees with unlimited locking positions in between these two points. So, you can set any position according to your comfort. What’s more? Its armrest reclines with the back.


Some of the users might not like the smell, which is noticeable when you unpack Respawn 110 computer chair. Apart from that, some of its parts are built poorly which leads to some cracking sound after a few years of usage.

Our verdict

If you are a casual programmer or gamer who needs a durable chair with unmatched comfort and attractive design, then you will like the Respawn 110.


  1. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair – B01ICHJIM8
  • Materials: Metal, leather
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

We recommend the BestOffice PC chair because of its high backrest that supports your spinal cord. Then, it has a stable base with a gas cylinder that allows you to vary the height as per your needs. Also, the chair has a stylish appearance and an affordable price tag, which makes it accessible for all professionals.

Features & Benefits

BestOffice gaming chair has thick padding that makes its seat comfortable. This furniture is finished with leather, which looks fashionable and beautiful. Plus, it’s available in seven different color combinations, which helps you to choose the right shades according to the existing interior of the office.

The programmer’s chair has a soft and adjustable headrest that keeps you comfortable. Such a pillow relaxes your neck and reduces any risk of cervical spondylosis. Apart from that, this chair has padded flip-up armrests that you can customize according to your sitting positions.

BestOffice chair has a sturdy metal base, which can withstand a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds. Due to a heavy-duty frame, it offers excellent stability. Apart from that, there is a commercial gas lift, which helps you to easily adjust its height.

What do we like?

BestOffice computer cum gaming chair is easy to assemble because it includes all the required instructions, hardware, and tools. So, you can configure it within 15 minutes, especially if you are an expert. This chair swivels for 360 degrees, which adds to your access and convenience. Apart from that, the chair has long-lasting casters that roll smoothly from one area of the office to another.


The office chair comes with a short warranty of 90 days. So, the support or repair will be chargeable if you face any trouble afterward. Apart from that, there is a strong smell of chemicals once you unpack it.

Our verdict

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is perfect for professionals who don’t have a big budget for office furniture. This model is easy to assemble, which means it’s also suitable for beginners.


  1. Furmax Office Desk Computer Chair – B01LXXM5EK
  • Materialss: Leather, Mesh, Plastic
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds

Are you looking for an affordable computer chair that looks stylish? Try the Furmax office chair that will make you feel proud about your profession. Not only it looks the part but also packs a lot of useful qualities.

Features & Benefits

Constructed around a metal frame, the Furmax computer chair is a sturdy and long-lasting product. Its thick padded seat and backrest make sure you don’t have to feel any stiffness while developing the applications. As this is also a gaming chair, you can sit on it for an hour and still feel comfortable.

Sit in the same posture for too long and you might feel unproductive. But, things are different with this desk chair. It comes with a reclining and rocking function, which makes sure you don’t have to feel bored even for a minute. The back and forth movement keeps you active. Plus, its recline positions keep you relaxed.

Furmax programmer chair has a strong base that has five rolling casters. Due to the robust frame, this piece of furniture remains stable at all angles. Plus, its wheels never scratch any of the floors, including the wooden surfaces.

What do we like?

Furmax computer chair has breathable back support that comprises mesh and PU leather. So, it keeps you fresh and moisture-free for all the working hours. Apart from that, this chair has a gas-assisted pneumatic cylinder that adjusts its height without much effort.


Some of the components are poorly constructed, especially the plastic used on its handles. Apart from that, there is a smell when you unpack this chair.

Our verdict

Furmax office chair is suitable if you work or play games at your computer for long hours. It keeps you comfortable due to high back support, lumbar rest, and recline positions.


What to consider while selecting the best programming chair?

Finding the right chair according to your coding culture could be tough, especially for beginners. So, we will discuss some of the points that you should consider while investing in a computer chair.

Built Materials: A programmer’s chair can be stylish and good-looking, but cannot be a good investment if it’s fragile or uncomfortable. So, choose something that can make an offer you a pleasant sitting experience without asking for early repairs or replacements.

The computer chairs built and covered with mesh are breathable and improves the airflow. Vinyl is resistant to stains and hence, it’s very easy to clean. Apart from these two materials, leather is also a great covering because not only it keeps you comfortable, but looks elegant as well.

Posture adjustments: A programmer’s chair should be highly adjustable. In other words, its backrest and back support should be flexible. Plus, an ergonomic built and headrest works well if you need to work for endless hours. All these features together keep you comfortable irrelevant of your sitting posture. Apart from those adjustments, the tilt or recline feature is also crucial when you are in a mood to relax in between working hours.

Seat height: Height adjustment is another important factor. Working without a perfect height following your computer will be highly unpleasant. You cannot code while sitting at a higher or lower position. So, choose a chair that you can set according to your height.

Cushioning: The chair should be thickly padded to keep you comfortable in any position. Also, make sure that the cover is breathable, especially if you are living in a hot region.

Back and lumbar support: The backrest of the office chair should be comfortable. So, look for a chair with supportive back support. Also, it’s better to invest in an option with a lumbar pillow.

Base: A sturdy base means the chair will live a long life. So, choose a model that has a steel base. Even if it’s plastic, then make sure it has a durable built.

Maneuverability: How mobile is the chair? Can it roll well on all the surfaces? Efficiency is an important part of office furniture. So, a chair should be easy to maneuver. Choose a model that you can easily move around your cubicle to reach anything you need.

Budget: Initial investment might be an issue with most of the programmers. But, think of a computer chair as an investment, not only for your carrier but also for your health. Invest in a high-quality chair that can keep you comfortable and reduce any kind of pain in your body. You can get one of the best chairs for programmers anywhere between $150 to $1500. But, make sure it suits your requirements.



What is the Best chair for programmers?

A programmer works for endless hours sitting on a chair. So, the chair should be highly comfortable. Plus, it should offer maximum back support. An ergonomic design and lumbar support are the other required features.

Apart from these features, look for a chair with a tilt or recline mechanism for increased comfort and efficiency. It will help you to get some relaxation by reclining and some stretching during the working hours.

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

An ergonomic design chair with lumbar support and a high backrest is best for sitting all day. A lumbar pillow supports your lower back and prevents any pain. It’s better if the chair has S-shaped back support so that It can keep your spine pressure-free and relaxed.

Is gaming chair good for developers?

Gaming chairs are good for developers and programmers because this furniture is built ergonomically. Such a unit maintains your posture and offers adequate support to keep you comfortable. However, unlike office chairs, the gaming variants are more comfortable, so that you can code for endless hours.


Final talk

You will find a wide range of computer chairs in the market, which is why choosing one of them could be complicated. However, with the right information, you can make a suitable purchase. It’s the reason why we have discussed some of the best chairs for programmers in 2021.

Being a coder is tough, especially if you neglect your workplace. So, choose from one of the best options available to make your working hours more productive. Happy programming!














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