Best High Chair Cover Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

High chairs are tough to maintain. As a parent, you might already know this fact. Even if a high chair comes with a machine-washable pad, most of the users struggle to keep it clean. So, we decided to review some of the best high chair covers.
We picked these options after the ease of use, portability, safety for your kid and how conveniently you can clean them. Choose one of these covers only if your kid can sit without any assistance.

Baby High chair cover buying guide
High chair covers are simple products, but their addition can change your indoor and outdoor experience. So, let’s discuss some of the features that might help you to choose one of the best high chair covers.
Easy to clean: What is your primary motive for using a high chair cover? To keep your kid safe. So, it’s a bright idea to choose something easy to maintain. Hence, pick a cover with minimal nooks and corners where dirt and hide. Above all, the fabric should be machine washable.
Ease of use: If you are traveling alone with your kid, then you don’t know what kind of situations the future holds. You might need to sit down in a public place for changes or food. So, choose a compact cover that’s easy to carry. It’s better to pick something that already has a storage pouch. Or a chair cover that converts into a simple carry bag will also do the needful.
Extra padding is another feature that can make your life easy. Well, it will not add to your convenience literally, but indirectly. The cushion will keep your child comfortable and you can do the shopping or enjoy lunch without any interruptions. However, the extra cushion might make the cover less compact and heavy.
Entertainment: We suggest that you choose a high chair cover with attachment loops for toys. These components keep you entertained. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the kid throwing any of the toys because they are attached to the cover.
Most of the covers are available with smartphone pouches, which is also a great feature. You can slide in a multimedia device inside the pocket, which will keep the child engaged for a long time. Handling a kid might be a challenging task for most users, especially new parents. So, you have to keep a backup option for entertainment if the toys don’t work. It’s why you can try a chair cover with a pocket for your mobile phone.
Safety: A high chair cover should work well. So, there is more to consider apart from comfort and entertainment. The first point is your child’s safety.
Most of the high chairs are built with safety straps, which keep your kid stable and safe. But, when you place a cover on such a chair, those straps become non-functional. So, the cover should have a safety harness to protect your kid.
Then you need to check how a cover attaches to the high chair. An elastic fabric works well, but a little movement from your little one can interfere with the elastic. So, pick a cover that has some straps or locking mechanism that can attach to the high chair. Plus, choose an option with universal straps that can attach to any of the chairs.
Fast and easy installation: When setting up the cover with the high chair, there are chances that you will carry the little one in your other arm. So, it’s easy to understand that you need something that can be easily installed. Velcro straps and elastic fabric are the best to handle by one hand. Touch straps are not easy to configure while holding a child.
Apart from an easy installation, make sure that the cover is universal. It should be compatible with all the high chairs and shopping carts.

Best high chair cover reviews
1. Suessie Shopping Cart Cover and High Chair Cover – B07WZJWGBZ
Suessie high chair cover is a simple product with an impressive see-through smartphone pocket, which helps you to keep your kid entertained. You can allow the child to watch some cartoons while working or shopping. Plus, the cover is very easy to install because of its Velcro and elastic band. So, you can configure it with one hand while still holding the little one with another.
The cover is flexible if we talk about its compatibility with different sizes of high chairs or carts. Apart from that, there are three pockets on the cover. Two of them are small pockets that are useful for your kid’s toys or snacks. The bigger one is suitable for your belongings.
Talking about the interior, the cover has two loops that you can use to attach toys. It also has a teether that distracts your child while you shop. Then, there is a strap for a water bottle. The cover also has a waist belt that keeps your child stable and safe.
The Suessie cover is made of 100 percent polyester and is machine washable. Due to a BPA-free construction, it’s safe for infants. Once you are done with the cover, you can fold it into a small pouch for secure storage.
• Made of BPA free polyester
• Elastic band and Velcro for fast installation
• Bottle strap and smartphone pocket
• Machine washable
• Smartphone pouch for entertainment
• Toy loops, which is helpful when the kid is crying
• Water bottle strap
• Suitable for almost all the high chairs and shopping carts
• Padding is thin

2. ICOPUCA Cotton High Chair Cover – B07W4W3VRZ
When on the move, you need a high chair cover that can keep your child safe and comfortable. It’s the reason why we recommend you the Icopuca high chair cover. This option is very easy to install on a high chair or shopping cart, so you can do it using one hand.
The chair cover is made of 100 percent cotton, which makes it extremely soft and breathable. Plus, you can reverse this cover whenever required. As this fabric has an anti-slip design on the other side, it stays on the chair without any adjustment.
Icopuca high chair cover has Velcro on the leg holes that offer added protection to your kid. It also has a smartphone pouch, which allows you to slide in a multimedia device for the child’s entertainment. If the kid is not interested in watching videos, then there are 2 loops where you can attach some toys.
There is a safety harness that keeps your baby stable and safe from falls. Plus, the cover has a bottle strap for added convenience. What’s more? It also has a small pocket for snacks.
You can easily roll this high chair cover in its self-pocket within few seconds. So, you can carry this comfortable cover anywhere in your car. Plus, it’s machine washable. So, maintenance will not be a problem.
• Made of 100 percent cotton
• X-large size to cover all the high chairs and shopping carts
• Velcro on the leg holes
• Includes a safety hardness
• Bottle strap and built-in smartphone pouch
• Includes a carry pouch
• Reversible
• Provides full coverage and protects your kid
• Soft, comfortable, and breathable
• Safety hardness for additional peace of mind
• Multiple options to entertain your child
• Easy to store and carry
• Machine washable
• The seat belt is not attached to the cover and it might come out easily


3. Summer 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner – B00H57F2B8
If you are concerned about your baby’s safety on a high chair or shopping cart, then try the Summer 2-in-1 cover. The cover includes an infant positioner that keeps your kid secure. It guarantees that your child remains safe while you do other works.
The fully cushioned seat positioner provides complete support to the infant. So, there are no chances he or she can feel unbalanced. Plus, this component also keeps the little one safe from external bacteria and other germs.
You can remove the positioner once your kid grows old. Don’t worry, the remaining cover is also padded enough to keep the child comfortable. Apart from that, it has a smartphone pocket for entertainment. Also, two toy loops keep the kid engaged.
Summer 2-in-1 covers fit most of the high chairs and store carts. So, your child will love its comfort irrelevant of the chair’s built. Once your baby is out of the chair, you can easily fold the cover and store it inside an included pouch. Plus, the fabric is machine washable, which makes it easy to clean.
• Comes with a seat positioner
• Vinyl pocket for smartphone
• Foldable
• Keeps the baby safe and comfortable
• Include a seat positioner for better support and comfort
• Compatible with almost all the high chairs
• No storage pockets for the parents

4. Boppy Shopping Cart and Restaurant High Chair Cover – B017ORVXNO
Boppy high chair cover has a big size, which is why it is compatible with all the restaurant high chairs and oversized carts. So, this option offers 360-degree protection for your baby. No matter your kid sits in the front to reaches to the sides, he or she will never pick germs.
The restaurant comes with a SlideLine mechanism, which keeps your baby’s toys nearby. Plus, it stops them from hitting the ground. There is also a crinkle toy that can keep the little one busy while you shop or enjoy lunch.
This shopping cart and high chair cover come with 2-safety straps that keep your kid stable and protected from falls. So, you don’t have to think about his or her safety, which means you can shop with complete peace of mind. Anyway, we are sure that your children will not try to come out anyway because the cover’s extra padding keeps them comfortable.
Most of the baby products get dirty right after a few uses. So, you will like the fact that this high chair cover is machine washable. Hence, you can easily keep it clean and germ-free. Try it if you have a kid anywhere between 6 to 48 months.
• 360-degree coverage
• SlideLine to attach the toys
• 2-point safety straps
• Machine washable
• Suitable for kids between 6 to 48 months
• Three designs are available to choose
• Suitable for large high chairs and carts
• Provides complete protection to your baby
• No elastic on the edges, so the cover can slide a bit

5. Lumiere 2-in-1 Baby High Chair Cover – B01DWR5RIW
The Lumiere baby cover for kids can fit almost any of the high chairs and shopping carts. The fabric has elastic maintains its place without slipping. Plus, there are extra padding the keeps the little ones comfortable.
Unlike other covers available with straps, the Lumiere 2-in-1 is easy to install without taking much of your precious time. Once ready, you will notice that it covers the high chairs from all sides. So, this option offers complete protection to your kid.
The high chair cover has a safety harness that keeps the child safe. Plus, it has two toy loops to keep your little one entertained. Moreover, this fabric has a self-adhesive smartphone pocket, which can easily keep the baby engaged for a long time. Yes, you need to slip in a smartphone inside the pocket to make it useful.
A bottle strap is another impressive feature of this high chair cover. It keeps the water bottle near your child. Plus, the strap makes sure the little master doesn’t throw out the sipping bottle when you are not around.
Made of 100 percent polyester, the Lumiere 2-in-1 cover is easy to wipe clean. This material is machine-washable, which means you can easily keep it clean without much effort. Once your kid is not using the cover, you can fold and store it inside an included pouch.
• Accessory pocket for your belongings
• Self-adhesive straps on the sides
• Wrap between the leg holes for additional safety
• Made of 100 percent polyester
• 60-day money-back guarantee
• Easy to install by one hand
• Machine washable and hence easy to clean
• Smartphone pouch for added entertainment
• Compatible with most of the high chairs and shopping carts
• Comparatively expensive
• Padding is thin

6. Leachco Prop ‘R Shopper Shopping Cart Cover – B07D6VPSTR
You should not use a high chair or cart cover until your little one can sit without any help. But, you need to be sure about the children’s safety even if they sit on their own. It’s where the Leachco Prop cover can be helpful. It’s not only a cover but also padded support for your little master.
Leachco Prop uses Velcro to attach with a high chair or shopping cart. Plus, it has a waistband that keeps your baby safe. So, the kid sits comfortably between two soft pillows and a secure band. You can remove the cushions once the child grows up. But, you can keep the pillows because they keep your kid comfortable.
This cover keeps your kids safe from the harmful germs and other bacteria on a high chair or shopping cart. It’s available in three different colors, so you can choose one of them as per your kid’s choice.
The high chair cum cart cover has a couple of toy loops and a storage pouch that’s useful when you need to carry some additional items for your kid. If you want to carry the cover, then fold, roll and pack it easily. The cover is machine washable, so you can easily clean it.
If you want to make the high chair or shopping cart more comfortable for your kid, then try the Leachco Prop cover. This one is comparatively expensive than many other options, but it keeps your kid comfortable. So, the cover is worth your attention.
• The padded side bolsters for added support
• Includes a safety belt
• Can be folded for easy storage
• Machine washable
• Comfortable and supportive
• Easy to set up
• Extra storage pocket for your essentials
• Toy traps to keep the kid engaged
• Pillows are not machine washable

7. Munchkin Brica GoShop Baby Shopping Cart Cover – B01MSKP806
Brica GoShop comes from the house of Munchkin. The cover is comfortable, yet very easy to carry because of its compact size. This one is built to fit most of the high chairs and shopping carts, except the bigger ones used in warehouses.
Munchkin Brica GoShop has a stretch-to-fit fabric that provides complete protection to your child from dirt and germs. It has a universal locking system that attaches to any high chair or cart and provides additional safety. There is also a waist strap that keeps your kid inside the chair or cart.
The high chair cover has two fabric loops that you can use to attach toys. It also has a smartphone pouch that allows your kid to enjoy some cartoons. Above all, the chair has padding to keep the little one relaxed.
Brica is a machine-washable high chair cover, which means you can easily keep it clean. Once you are done with the shopping or lunch, this cover transforms into a carrying case. So, you can take it anywhere along with your kid.
Munchkin Brica GoShop is one of the best high chair covers. Its price is comparatively high, but so is the quality. However, this cover is slightly heavy than other variants.
• Fits most of the restaurant high chairs
• Universal locking system for safety
• Suitable for kids more than 6 months old
• A couple of integrated loops
• Smartphone pocket
• Machine washable
• Loops to attach the toys
• Entertainment options for the child
• Folds up for easy transport
• No Velcro or straps, so the cover might slip
• Lacks any storage pockets
• Comparatively costly

What does the high chair look like?
A high chair is a furniture piece that’s used to feed young toddlers and babies. Its seat I generally raised from the ground level so that an adult can feel the little one while standing. These chairs have a wide base for added stability. Plus, there is a tray attached to the handles, where you can place the food and drinks and feed the child.
Why you need a high chair cover?
A high chair cover allows you to improve the comfort of your baby. It keeps the little one safe from dirt and germs. Plus, such covers are portable, so that you can easily take them along with the baby. Most of the high chair covers are machine washable, which is another impressive point.
When you take your high chair cover to a restaurant or a different place, you know how it has been cleaned. So, a cover also adds peace to your mind that your kid is sitting in a clean and safe place. Such products are especially useful if you are very possessive about your child.
A cover adds some padding to the high chair that minimizes the gap through which the little one can slip. So, you can use a high chair cover to protect your baby from falls.
Is there a restaurant high chair cover disposable?
You can purchase a disposable restaurant high chair cover, which is very convenient when you are traveling. For instance, you can try the J.L. Childress Disney Baby cover that has 12 pieces.

Final talk
Before you pick a high chair cover, figure out which restaurants or stores you generally visit. Then, double-check whether the cover fits with the high chairs in the restaurant or home and the carts in the shopping malls. Choose an option with functionality, safety, and portability. Extremely portable covers might have fewer features and the options with thick padding could be heavy.
The one chair cover that has all the required features, but no extra weight to deal, is the Suessie Shopping cart cover and high chair cover. It’s easy to use, comfortable for your kid, has a waist belt for safety, and has straps or pockets for additional items. Overall, one of the best high chairs you can try.



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