Best Office Chairs Under 200 – A Useful Guide

Are you looking for budget-friendly office furniture? Luckily, you can find some of the best office chairs under 200 dollars. We have selected 8 chairs from this price range, wherein all of them are durable, supportive, and comfortable. So, you can easily spend your office hours on one of these chairs without any back or neck pain.
Best office chairs under 200
1. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Managers Chair – B000PWGZOI
• Materials: Nylon and Eco Leather
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
The Space Seating AirGrid is one of the best office chairs under 200 dollars that has impressed a lot of buyers and reviewers. And why not? The chair contains a thick cushion finished with Eco Leather that keeps you comfortable for the entire 8 or 9 hours. Then, it has a breathable mesh back support that reduces moisture.
Space Managers chair comes with height adjustable armrests covered with soft PU pads. However, they are not suitable for large arms. Apart from that, the chair has lumbar support that provides fantastic support to your body.
This office furniture can rock back and forth. You can control its tilt using a tension knob, which also has an option to lock the seat in an upright position. In addition, there is a one-touch pneumatic option that helps you to adjust the sitting height.
The weight capacity of the Managers chair is 250 pounds and it has five legs with dual casters for easy movement. The wheels’ casters move on all the surfaces, whether it’s concrete or carpeted. However, the chair is only suitable for average-sized users. It might not be a perfect investment if you are taller than 6 feet.
• Eco Leather seat
• One-touch height adjustment
• Adjustable tilt tension
• Height adjustable arm-rests
• Nylon base with dual wheel casters
• The complete value of your investment
• Armrests are height adjustable
• Breathable back seat
• Reliable and long-lasting
• Easy to assemble
• Armrests not suitable for thick and large arms
• No inbuilt headrest
2. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair
• Materials: Steel, leather
• Weight capacity: 300 pounds
Homall gaming cum office chair is high back furniture, which is available in 9 different colors. Finished with leather, this chair has a sitting height varying between 17.3 to 21.5 inches. Plus, the size of the back is 22.5 x 30.5 inches. Apart from that, its seat size is 14.5 x 20.5 inches. Looking at the dimensions, you can easily understand that this multipurpose chair offers complete support to your back, head, neck, and shoulders.
Constructed around a 1.8mm thick steel frame, this chair is robust and long-lasting. Plus, the chair is finished with PU leather that’s wear-resistant and skin-friendly. It uses high density cushion to maintain your comfort levels, even if you are working for extended hours or finishing all the stages of GTA.
The multipurpose chair has a 360-degree swivel and recline between 90 to 180 degrees. It can also work as a rocking chair. Adjust the knob beneath the chair’s seat to activate the rock back movement.
As this office chair is designed according to the human body, it offers complete support and comfort to your staff. Not only comfortable, but this model is affordable as well. However, you cannot categorize this chair as a piece of cheap furniture because of its useful features.
• Soft and skin-friendly PU Leather finish
• Lumbar cushion and headrest included
• 90 to 180 degrees tilt function
• Height adjustable
• Sturdy and long-lasting steel base
• Easy to assemble
• High quality built for long-lasting services
• Ergonomic design for comfortable sitting experience
• Highly adjustable
• A rocking function is also available
• Multipurpose usage
• Available in multiple colors
• Non-adjustable armrest

3. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair – B081DLM4S3
• Materials: Reinforced resin, SoftThread Leather
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
The OFM high back office chair is trustworthy office furniture that can keep you comfortable during long meetings or training sessions. It’s because the manufacturers focus on small points that can enhance your comfort levels. For instance, this chair has SoftThread leather on both its backrest and seat with additional texture extra support.
The ESS collection racing-style chair swivels for 360 degrees. Plus, it has a center-tile mechanism that allows you to enjoy a reclining position. Moreover, the high back office chair has a tilt tension control that makes sure you don’t recline rapidly.
You will like the fact this chair can withstand a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds. So, it can easily accommodate all the average-sized users. Also, there is a limited lifetime warranty that adds more peace to your mind.
The office furniture is built of comfortable leather and has a reclining feature that helps you to sit in a relaxing position. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and durable. Overall, the OFM ESS collection racing style high back office chair is perfect for workaholics. It’s also a nice purchase for work from home professionals.
• Integrated lumbar support
• Inbuilt headrest and armrests
• Finished with breathable SofThread leather
• Base made of reinforced resin
• 360 swivel and recline function
• Limited lifetime warranty
• Solid construction
• Easy to assemble
• Comfortable and gives you a luxurious feel
• Limited lifetime warranty
• Leather is not original
• Armrests are not adjustable

4. SIHOO Office Chair – B081DLM4S3
• Materials: Aluminum alloy, steel, cotton, and mesh
• Weight capacity: 350 pounds
Sihoo ergonomic office chair is one of the most comfortable furniture that you can find under 200 dollars. The chair has an S-shaped backrest that contours your spine, supports your back, and relieves it from all the pressure. Plus, it’s a versatile and multi-purpose chair that looks perfect in your cabin, meeting room, or reception.
The maximum height of this office chair is 48.8 inches, which means its comfortable and supportive for all the users, including the tall ones. Then, the chair titles between 90 to 125 degrees. It means you can easily adjust this furniture piece as per your comfort. It also has height-adjustable armrests, which are helpful when you are using the keyboard.
Lumbar strain is one of the common results of sedentariness. But, things are different when you are using Sihoo office chair. It comprises an adjustable lumbar pillow that gives you a unique sitting experience. The lumbar pillow is built according to the human bone and protectors your lumbar region.
Sihoo office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. It comes with a warranty of 3 years, which is helpful if you face any manufacturing or quality issues. Overall, we recommend this office chair because of its S-designed back support, tilt, headrest, and adjustable lumbar support. Due to such features, this office furniture keeps body pain at bay.
• Five ergonomic adjustments
• Adjustable headrest and armrest
• The two-way adjustable lumbar pillow
• High-quality sponge cushion
• S-shaped comfortable backrest
• BIFMA test passed
• Three years of warranty
• Suitable for office or residential usage
• Comfortable and supportive
• Releases pressure from your shoulders and neck
• Highly adjustable
• Breathable mesh that keeps you fresh
• Safe to use
• Lacks height adjustment
• No cushion on the back

5. Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office Chair
• Materials: Leather
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
Office factor gives you one of the best office chairs under $200 because it’s designed to prevent most of the common pains due to long office hours. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, which means it can accommodate all your employees. Plus, this chair has a low weight of 34 pounds, so that you can easily move it from one place to another.
The seat of this ergonomic office chair is padded and then finished with black leather. Its sitting area is designed to offer complete support and a high level of comfort. Plus, the seat prevents any numbness by boosting blood circulation.
Office Factor executive comes with a mesh back support, which keeps you sweat-free, especially if the weather is hot. Plus, the backrest offers complete support to your body and maintains your posture. Apart from that, there are flip armrests, which help you to get in and out.
This Executive office chair uses a gas lift to facilitate the height adjustment. Plus, it has a relaxing reclining mechanism that you can set at 4 different positions. The chair has a sturdy base that has five legs with inbuilt wheels, which allows easy rolling on any surface.
• Back support built of breathable mesh
• Flip-up armrest
• Height adjustable
• Tilt mechanism with four locking positions
• Wide base for stability
• Wheels for easy location changes
• Easy to assemble
• Sturdily built for long-lasting services
• Armrests can be flipped
• Comfortable and supportive
• The back rest maintains complete airflow
• You cannot adjust the height of its armrest
• Lumbar support is not adjustable
• Lacks headrest

6. Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair – B00FS3VJAO
• Materials: Nylon, mesh
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
The Home Office chair by BestOffice is affordable, yet high-quality furniture for your workplace. It has an ergonomic design that comprises a ventilated mesh back support and a soft sponge cushion that adjusts according to your sitting position and keeps you fatigue-free. Plus, it offers a certain level of tilt that helps you to relax in your leisure time.
This ergonomic desk chair has an adjustable lever that allows you to adjust its height according to your requirements. It also has a nylon lumbar support that makes your seating experience even more comfortable. Moreover, the chair has a 360-degree swivel for added convenience.
Home Office desk chair has a high-quality nylon base that keeps you stable. Due to a strong frame and solid construction, this furniture can withstand up to 250 pounds. Plus, it has smooth-rolling casters with dual wheels that offer extreme mobility inside your office.
You will be impressed to know that this desk chair uses a commercial quality gas lift to provide the lift. Moreover, all the components fitted in this chair pass BIFMA and SGS test. It means you can try the Home Office chair without any doubt.
• Attractive, stylish, and spacious
• Ergonomic design
• Passes BIFMA and SGS test
• Inbuilt lumbar support
• Commercial class-3 gas lift
• 360-degree swivel
• Ideal for office and residential usage
• Easy to assemble
• Soft and comfortable
• Inbuilt armrest
• Safe to use
• Back support lacks cushion and is not very supportive

7. Big and Tall Office Chair – B07KG5D9TX
• Materials: Metal, Polyurethane, PU Leather
• Weight capacity: 500 pounds
Are you a tall person? Well, then you might face some trouble finding the right office chair according to your height and personality. It’s where the BestMassage Big and Tall office chair comes into the picture.
The chair is built using commercial components, which is why it can easily withstand up to 500 pounds. As you can see, it’s a large chair. Still, you can set it up easily with the help of an included instructions manual. Plus, the product comes with all the necessary hardware and tools.
This office furniture comes with maximum mobility and offers a 360-degree swivel. So, you can easily rotate in your circle if someone comes to the workstation. Apart from that, it has wide back support and a significant seat to keep any of the users comfortable; irrelevant of his or her size.
The Big and Tall office chair has an ergonomic design that contours your body, relieves muscle soreness, and maintains your posture. Its extra-thick cushions keep you comfortable during long office hours and a breathable PU finish makes you are moisture-free.
Overall, this option might be perfect if you are taller than 6 feet. Most of the chairs available are not comfortable for tall users, but this one is different. Its wide backrest gives you a relaxing and comfortable seat so that you can work better without any pain.
• PU Leather finish
• Commercial grade parts
• Heavy-duty metal base
• 360-degree swivel
• BIFMA certified
• Accommodate all the users irrelevant of the height
• Available in multiple colors
• Wider seat for added comfort
• Some of the components look cheap and vulnerable to damage

8. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair – B00EUU5G82
• Materials: Wood, leather
• Weight capacity: 250 pounds
Most of the professionals sit in the office for at least 8 to 9 hours. Hence, you need comfortable furniture for your office, so that your employees can work with full energy and productivity. it’s the reason why we suggest the Serta AIR health and wellness executive chair that offers an ultra-plush sitting experience that will keep your staff focused on work.
The Serta office chair comes with a unique AIR lumbar technology, which makes the lumbar support pivot according to your sitting posture. With this mechanism, your lower back gets immense support irrelevant of how you are sitting and what are the adjustments. Better support and comfort means; you will never experience low back pain even after prolonged working hours.
The backrest and seat of the Serta chair are filled with deeply layered pillows, which keep your body supported and comfortable. It’s finished using bonded leather that makes your office hours more tranquil. Plus, this office furniture has hand-sculpted armrests with soft pads, which keep your arms and wrists relaxed.
A pneumatic height adjustment lever adjusts the height of this chair as per your comfort. You can use the same lever to unlock and recline this sitting structure. Plus, it has a full swivel mechanism and dual-wheel casters for easy mobility.
• AIR lumbar technology
• Deeply layered pillows
• Breathable leather
• Hand-sculpted armrests
• Highly adjustable
• Ergonomic and comfortable
• Convenient height adjustment
• Continuous support for your body
• Easy to move
• Armrest is not adjustable
• Prone to scratches

What to Look for When buying one of the best office chairs under $200?
All of us are built differently and hence, our requirements vary. But, you need a supportive and comfortable office chair that can co-operate with your body even during prolonged work periods. However, the result could be the opposite if you invest on something inappropriate according to your workplace. So, let’s discuss some of the factors that you should keep in mind while looking for an office chair.
Durability: Find an office chair that’s made of high-quality materials. Choose something that you can count on that will not break easily. An office chair looking for repeated repair or replacements will not only increase the downtime, but it will also frustrate you.
Keep in mind that the office chairs are meant to be productive with your employees. Any of the discomforts will directly impact your business. So, make sure you find a robust and long-lasting option.
Weight capacity: Don’t forget to check the weight capacity of an office chair you are purchasing. As you can understand, the maximum weight capacity varies according to the make and model, but most of the time it’s at least 250 pounds. Some of the cheap options are also available with a capacity of 200 and even 150 pounds. However, you need to invest in something that can easily bear the weight of your employees.
Upholstery: Don’t feel bad, but most of the office chairs under 200 dollars are available with low-quality upholstery. Plus, the options are also limited. Keep in mind that none of the chairs under this price range features an original leather cover because it’s expensive. So, you might not find real leather on an office chair for under $200. The name varies, but all of them are synthetic that looks like leather, and are cost-effective,
You can go for mesh finish as well because it’s similar to leather if we talk about quality. High-end mesh is soft, elastic, supportive, and hence, expensive. A poor-quality mesh might lack one or all these properties. You cannot expect top-notch mesh in an office chair available under $200, but try to find a model that has a long-lasting and comfortable mesh finish or back support.
You can also try fabric, but its pattern and color selections are limited. Shades like burgundy, grey and blue are common when we talk about low-priced chairs. If you want unique colors or new patterns, then be ready to spend more than $200.
Back design: Cheap office chairs generally come with a low back design that does not offer adequate support to your body. So, look for a model that has a high back design, especially if you work for long hours in the office. Such a design will keep you comfortable without making any negative impacts on your lumbar region.
Lumbar support: Most of the users generally overlook lower back support. However, you should consider this feature while looking for an office chair. An S-shaped back or adjustable lumbar support is generally not available in the chairs available under $200. But, we have selected some of the chairs with adequate lower back support.
Breathability: Mesh and faux leather covers are the best when you are looking for office chairs under 200 dollars. Both of them are suitable for your workplace, especially if you want to stay moisture-free during office hours.
Warranty: A low-priced office chair might not come with a solid warranty. But, some of the models are available with a limited lifetime warranty, but others have coverage anywhere between one to three years. You need to check how long each component of the furniture is covered. For instance, upholstery and movable parts do not have a warranty of more than one year. Still, warranty is an important factor. So, check it before investing in an office chair under 200 dollars.

What are the best chairs for sitting all day under 200?
The best office chair for long office hours is one that can offer complete comfort and support to your body. Your sitting position will change throughout the day, so look for an adjustable model. High back, headrest, and lumbar support are the other features that make an office chair pleasant.
What is the best affordable office chair?
One chair cannot fit all the users because everyone has a different body size and requirements. However, if a chair can offer you the required level of comfort and support to keep you productive at work, then it’s the best affordable office chair.
For instance, the SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Managers Chair is perfect for average users and might not accommodate or feel comfortable with a tall individual. But, Big and Tall Office Chair works for all, even if you are taller than 6 feet.
What is the best office chair for back pain?
SIHOO Office Chair and Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair are the two best office chairs for back pain. Sihoo office chair comes with an S-shaped back support and adjustable lumbar pillow that never allows back pain to hamper your work. Similarly, the Serta AIR health and wellness chair has lumbar support that pivots according to your sitting posture. Also, it has deeply layered pillows that give you the required level of support and prevent back pain.

Final talk
You might not find a good office chair under $200, especially if you don’t know where to look. Its why we discussed some of the top-notch options that are durable, comfortable, and offer complete support. So, choose a model that suits your body and workplace. We hope the information will help you to select the best office chairs under 200 dollars. Check the buying guide to know what are the factors you need to consider.

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