What Is The Difference Between Massage Chair vs Massage Cushion

massage chair vs massage cushion

A massage chair is expensive. Plus, it occupies a lot of open space. If you own a small flat or do not want to invest a high amount in furniture, then try a massage cushion instead. But, what is the difference between massage chair vs massage cushion?
Massage chairs are big and heavy, unlike cushions that are lightweight and easy to use. You can install a massage cushion within a few seconds. Moreover, you have the option to use it anywhere. Once you are done with the massage session, fold the cushion and store it conveniently.

Massage chair
Are you attracted to a massage chair? You can try it, but there are several factors to consider before purchasing such a piece of furniture. You will find lots of brands and models, which can confuse you while choosing the right option.
Try to pick something that suits all your requirements and is available in your budget. A massage chair is a big investment, so you have to be careful while making the purchase. For instance, if you enjoy foot and calf massage, then look for a chair that offers this feature.

Massage cushion
Most of us remain busy from morning till night to finish the office work, house maintenance, and other daily activities. So, it’s obvious to feel tired and stressed after dealing with all these tasks. It’s the reason why you need to relax and take rest so that your mind and body, can rejuvenate.
But, visiting a salon is not possible frequently. Not all of us can spend that much time and money every day to visit a spa or contact a massage therapist. So, what could be the best solution?
A massage cushion is the most convenient and affordable solution to this concern. There are a lot of such cushions available in the market that you can try. For instance, Snailax Shiatsu is one of the best massage cushions available in the US market.

Massage Chair Vs Massage Cushion
Massage chairs are heavy
A massage chair can weigh up to 350 pounds. So, you cannot move it easily from one spot to another. On the other hand, massage cushions are very lightweight. Such items are lightweight and hence, simply to carry. You can get a massage cushion within 18 pounds, which is the maximum. Their average weight is lower than 10 lbs.
The cushion works on all the chairs
Once you purchase a massage chair, you need to find a perfect spot for its placement. But, a massage cushion is versatile because you can use it over any of the furniture pieces you have. You don’t have to rearrange anything because the massage cushion might work with all the chairs in your house.
Massage chairs are expensive
You need to invest more than $800 for a high-quality massage chair. Such expensive chairs will offer all the features that can massage all your body parts. But, what if you can enjoy similar relaxation without spending hundreds of dollars?
Apart from its lightweight nature and convenient usage, the massage cushions are pocket-friendly as well. You can get one of the best massage cushions anywhere between $100 to $300.
Cushions are easy to carry or transport
You can buy a massage chair for your residential usage, but you cannot take it anywhere else without external help. Plus, there are no chances that you can carry it inside your car. But, things are different with a cushion.
Due to its lightweight and low-profile nature, the massage cushions can be taken anywhere without any problems. You can also use it while driving. However, all the cushions cannot work inside a car. So, choose something that has a car adapter.
Massage chairs have all the features you can desire
Massage cushions do not have all the features. Such products can give a satisfactory massage, but the relaxation level will be lower when compared to massage chairs. Well, it’s not surprising because you know massage chairs are comparatively expensive than cushions. So, you can easily understand there will be huge differences between the message functions and body coverage.
For instance, none of the massage cushions can give you a full-body massage. They generally target your back, hips, and thighs. On the other hand, most of the massage chairs cover your entire body, including shoulders, back, thighs, calves, and feet.
In addition, a massage cushion cannot offer you a reclining massage. It’s a portable item. Hence, you cannot expect high-end features. So, you cannot enjoy the benefits of zero gravity massage, which is very healthy for your heart. Plus, such a massage session makes you feel more relaxed.
Cushions are not always compatible
Here comes the bad news.
The massage cushions are not secure with all the chairs. Almost all these cushions come with straps that hold their place. But, with some chairs these straps are useless. Depending upon the dimensions of the furniture, the cushion might not fit properly.

Other FAQs
Is massage cushion better than massage chairs?
A massage cushion is a healthy alternate to massage chairs because it’s lightweight, compact, and can be used anywhere. But, you cannot move a massage chair once it’s installed. However, massage cushions cannot compete with the chair in terms of comfort, massage options and other features. So, the choice depends upon your needs and preferences.
Which one should I buy; a massage chair or massage cushion?
If you want to relax on your workstation during working hours, then try a massage cushion. It’s also suitable if you want to enjoy outdoor massage. Plus, a massage cushion is affordable and easy to use. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a high-quality relaxation session every day after work, then try a massage chair.

Final talk
After knowing the difference between massage chair vs massage cushion, we can understand that the latter is not suitable for everyone. But, a massage cushion could be a smart purchase if you are on a limited budget. It will be a fantastic product if you want something lightweight and portable.
If you have the available space and some extra dollars, then you can try a massage chair because it will offer you all the high-end features. So, we cannot decide which one of these two massage products is better because it depends upon your requirements.




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