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Are you looking for a modern and innovative chair to renovate your living room? Well, it’s not going to be easy because you will find many contemporary models with similar features. To help you make the right selection, we went ahead and reviewed one of the most popular present-day chairs, the EdgeMod Burton Ghost.

Overview of the EdgeMod Brand

EDgeMod is a well-known brand in the modern chair industry that exists for a long time in a cutthroat competition wherein contemporary furniture manufacturers pop up and vanish like mushrooms. They produce a lot of sitting structures for your living room and office. But, the Ghost is one of the most popular models currently.

Assembly of the EdgeMod Burton Ghost.

Most of the buyers ignore this aspect when purchasing a patio chair – how to assemble it? And how much time will it take to be ready? Some of the indoor chairs need 2 people for assembly. What’s worse? You might not be able to align the screw holes. Or what if the backrest is not fitting properly?

Fortunately, EdgeMod Burton Ghost comes pre-assembled. So, you don’t have to waste any time putting the chairs together. Take the chairs out of their packing and start using them. As easy as you can read it.


EdgeMod Burton Ghost Specs at a Glance

Before we continue, let’s check the main specifications of the Ghost. Some of them might instantly attract you to this stylish piece of furniture.

  • Set of 2 transparent chairs
  • Constructed with strong and long-lasting Polycarbonate
  • Single mold injection design for a stylish appearance
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Weighs 13 pounds
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • 5-inch high seat
  • Armrests at 26 inches from the ground
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage


Build quality and body limit

EdgeMod advertises the Ghost is made of transparent plastic, which means it’s moisture-proof. Plus, the chair is UV protected. So, this is a versatile piece of furniture that you can use indoors as well as outdoors. So, it’s suitable for your dining table, patio, or living room.

Talking about body weight, the Ghost is suitable for users up to a gravity of 250 pounds. So, it can easily accommodate any of your family members or guests. However, the chair might not be able to withstand heavy and tall users.

At 13 pounds, Ghost is lightweight. Hence, you can easily shift it from one point to another. Moreover, you can stack both chairs for convenient and secure storage.

Seat comfort

EdgeMod Burton Ghost has a seat that has a width of 17 to 13.25-inch and is 16.5-inch deep, which is generous for all average-sized users. The chair is comfortable, but you will not find any added support or cushion. But, not to worry because it’s great for short sitting sessions. You will not work on this chair for 8 hours anyway. Still, the comfort level depends upon your weight and sitting time.



  • Long-lasting built
  • UV protected
  • Single mold injection construction
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile – suitable for indoor and outdoor usage


  • Not good for long sitting sessions



Can these be used in a nail salon for clients?

Yes, these chairs could add some style and elegance to your nail salon waiting area. However, you cannot use the chair while getting their nails done, because it’s not extremely comfortable and there are no adjustments available.

Do the chairs develop scratches easily?

The chairs are sturdy and will remain clear even after regular usage. Yes, you might notice some scratches at their seats, which is common due to jeans.

How would these chairs do outside?

The chair picks up dust when you use it outside. Dried raindrops are another spoilsport that can leave stains. Apart from these two components, the Ghost chairs will do well. However, you can easily clean the dust and dried rain marks from the plastic furniture.


Final talk – Should you get EdgeMod Burton Ghost chair?

EdgeMod Burton Ghost is a high-quality plastic chair that comes with a wide seat and UV-protected built. So, it’s perfect if you want a lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-store sitting structure. You can use the chair indoors and take it to the patio whenever needed.

The Ghost is not perfect for users who weigh more than 250 pounds or has a height of more than 6’. So, we suggest that you look for any other options if your body doesn’t match the given numbers.


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