05 Best Furniture Sliders for Carpet Reviews in 2021

Furniture Slider for Carpet

Moving furniture can be a daunting task. Even with an extra pair of hands, some will not budge. That is where furniture sliders come in. We call them the small but mighty tools that will make relocating furniture a breeze.

Furniture sliders are pads that minimize the friction between the floor and the furniture legs. Thus, reducing the force needed to move a piece. Carpet damage from furniture varies from indents to bubbles, wrinkles, and even ripples. That is why you need the best furniture sliders for carpets to help glide furniture effortlessly. 

Here, we are going to look at the top-performing furniture sliders. You can depend on these tools to drag heavy pieces without breaking a sweat. 

Super Sliders 5 3/4' x 9 1/2' Oval Reusable Furniture Sliders for Carpet - Effortless Moving...

SuperSliders 4724095N

Featuring a large surface area, these sliders do a fantastic job with furniture and appliances. The hard plastic minimizes friction with carpet making them the ideal solution for most homes.

Furniture Sliders X-PROTECTOR 16 PCS – Furniture Sliders Hardwood Floors & Felt Furniture...

X-Protector Felt Furniture Movers

This set contains sliders for carpet and hardwood floors. These multipurpose gliders work with sofas as well as desks and office chairs. It is that kit you cannot leave behind when planning to move.


1. SuperSliders 4724095N Furniture Sliders – Best Choice

Make moving stress-free with the SuperSliders 4724095N Furniture Sliders. If you are dealing with heavy furniture, slide these gadgets under their legs. You will be pushing pieces double and triple your weight like it is nothing. 

Sturdy Quality 

The purpose of these sliders is gliding. They can be used over and over again. The top is made of durable rubber foam to grip on to furniture legs without slipping during a move. They do not utilize any glue. You may want to store them until the next time.
For the bottom, each pad has hard plastic. It reduces friction. In turn, furniture slides effortlessly across carpets. If you find that sofas tend to leave indents on carpets, it is advisable to leave these sliders on to minimize such damage. 

Shape & Size 

SuperSliders 4724095N Furniture Sliders are keen on shape and size. They are built purposely to fit on lots of different furniture. That is why it is oval and large enough to accommodate many different leg sizes and shapes. From dressers to bookshelves, these sliders are the only ones you will ever need.
However, they are a bit pricey for a set of four sliders.



Our verdict: SuperSliders 4724095N Furniture Sliders make redecorating safe and easy. They are quite large to fit most furniture. They use high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

2. X-Protector Heavy Moving Pads – Best Large Furniture Sliders

Protect the beauty of your rugs with the X-Protector Heavy Moving Pads. Described as large-size sliders, you can move just about any type of furniture t a considerable distance. 

Long-Lasting and Reusable 

These sliders are of sturdy foam and plastic. They are durable enough to give you service over a couple of years. The plastic comes in handy to provide the glide against a carpeted floor while foam stabilizes the legs when moving. We find these sliders particularly useful if you have furniture that has castors. This is because the castors sink into the foam for a firm grip. After that, you can slide pieces forward and backward with ease. 

Large Size

4¾ inches is an impressive size for this set of sliders. It means you can move most furniture from pianos to grand sofas that have wide legs. Thanks to the round shape, they go under easily, and will not come off even when mismatched.



Our verdict: X-Protector Heavy Moving Pads offer outstanding performance in terms of weight distribution and durability. Whether you choose to leave them on or use them only when moving, they make furniture moving hassle-free.

3. X-Protector Furniture Sliders 16 Pieces – Best Rated

Conveniently shaped and sized, X-Protector Furniture Sliders are the perfect fit for most homeowners. They strike a balance between the small 2½-inch sliders and the large 4¾-inch sliders at only 3½-inches. This feature makes them dependable for different furniture except for extra-large pieces. 

Built to Last 

X-Protector Furniture Sliders are thin and light while remaining robust for the pressure they take off your back. With non-stick rubber foam, they allow the legs of furniture to sink into them to provide a solid grip. The plastic backing is rigid to ensure it slides while maintaining amazing durability. 

The bottom is resistant to most chemicals meaning its sliding capabilities are rarely affected when in contact with carpet-cleaning detergents. 

Versatile Use 

The 3½-inch sliders give them leverage when dealing with heavy items. They look great; hence can match with most décor. It also means that you can use them with beds and sofas the same. Not to mention it’s easy to store them since they can stack on top of each other.



Our verdict: if you never want to go back to the market for sliders, this set is enough for all your furniture moving needs across carpets. It’s a good number, plus it accommodates a wide variety of furniture.

4. X-Protector Felt Furniture Movers - Best Value

Most people combine carpeted and bare floors. If you find yourself in need of a combo kit, the X-Protector Felt Furniture Movers is our top pick. This set comes with both felt sliders and hard plastic pieces. You can use them on rugs and hard floors as you would like. 

For all Surfaces 

You get eight sliders with a hard plastic bottom and eight with a heavy-duty felt base. For carpets, the plastic sliders will come in handy. You can use the felt ones for hardwood, tiles, linoleum, and concrete.

When it comes to providing a stable grip, all pads use rubber foam. You won’t be dealing with grit that tends to gather around glued pads. The main objective of these sliders is to move furniture. But they are equally good at protecting legs against carpeting. 

Ideal Movers Size 

Carpet sliders come in 3½ inches size while hardwood floor sliders are large 4¾ inches. Their versatility is quite impressive since you can go from office furniture to heavy appliances. Another advantage of size is that they are easy to slide under legs.



Our verdict: X-Protector Felt Furniture Movers are about weight and impact resistance. They have a solid grip and universal fitting for most furniture. And since they easily match with any floor, they spell convenience for most users. 

5. Flerise Furniture Moving Kit – Best Heavy-Duty

Flerise Furniture Moving Kit offers incredible durability with their 16-piece pack. If you find that you often rearrange furniture, there are two sets of sliders in this kit. 

Surface Friendly 

Eight plastic sliders protect carpet fibers from wear, while felt sliders prevent marring on hard floors. We like that they use EVA foam to grip furniture. Since they do not have glue, you can choose to remove them after each use. But if you move furniture when cleaning, you are better off leaving these pieces on. 

Whether you have lightweight furniture or heavy pieces like dressers, these sliders can handle lots of weight for a decent distance. It’s no surprise they come highly recommended for heavy-duty use. 

Fit with Most Furniture 

Each pad is 3½ inches wide. This size is considered universal for 90% of household furniture. From small chairs and tables to fridges and portable wardrobes. You no longer need to take apart pieces for moving.



Our verdict: Flerise Furniture Moving Kit is not just a cushioning barrier. It is that tool that will help maintain the value of your property. Utilize it as often as you’d like for small and big moves as it does not disappoint.

Best Furniture Sliders for Carpet: Buying Guide

Furniture sliders are small pads that fit under furniture feet for easy relocation. Since transferring furniture can take a toll on your body, these nifty gadgets allow you to push heavy furniture without damaging floors and rugs.
Here’s what you need to know before buying. 

Carpet Sliders 

Sliders for carpets are made of foam and hard plastic. Notice that the plastic base is usually slightly wider than the foam on top. This design, along with an oily finish on outer parts, allows them to slide effortlessly on carpets. 

Size and Shape 

Furniture sliders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To get the most out of any pack, it’s best to consider the size of your furniture legs. This way, you won’t be dealing with pads that keep falling off when moving. Some brands offer various packages that contain gliders with varied shapes and sizes. 

Furniture weight 

Some sliders are considered ideal for light furniture, while others can handle hundreds of pounds. The best way to know whether or not to go with a particular brand is to read reviews on performance. Most brands do not list weight recommendations. It can be challenging to match a particularly heavy piece with the correct sliders. 

Glued or Not Glued 

If you plan on keeping sliders on after moving furniture, glued sliders offer the most benefits. But for moving pieces from time to time, you are better off with non-glued sliders. You only need to clean grit and grime that tend to gather around glued pads over time.


Carpet sliders are made of foam pads and plastic bases. The durability of these materials depends on their quality. The bond between the base and the top also determines the durability of sliders. Some sliders have solid materials but can be rendered useless if they come apart in the middle. 


Being able to reuse sliders is a big advantage. More so in an office setting where furniture has to be moved around depending on the occasion. Watch out for sliders that use adhesive. They tend to come apart after a few uses. If you intend to keep operation costs as low as possible, it’s best to keep off sliders with inbuilt adhesive. 

Finally, sliders that are kept under furniture last less than those that are removed after each use. 


Installing sliders can seem pretty easy because all they do is slider under furniture feet. But what if you are dealing with heavy furniture like a pool table? Here’s where you may want to consider a brand that offers sliders with a lifter. If not, you may want to use a car jack lest you break your back.

FAQs Furntiure Slider

Can you use carpet sliders on hardwood floors?

Unfortunately, carpet sliders have a hard base. This feature increases rather than reduce friction with a hardwood floor. Hardwood floors need sliders with a soft base. That’s why most of them use felt to move furniture effortlessly. 

Can you use sliders to keep a couch from sliding when you sit?

Yes, you can. Furniture sliders have rubber foam on top. Although they primarily work as floor protectors, they grip the feet and stabilize them against the floor. You will want to match the slider’s shape to that of the feet. The good thing with sliders is that they are more durable than regular rubber padding. 

Is it necessary to clean carpet sliders?

You should clean sliders if you leave them on and before using them. Especially if stored in a dusty location. Dust under sliders can compromise movement and cause scratches on hard floors. Dust also leaves drag marks when you pull furniture across the carpet. 

How do sliders stick to furniture without glue?

Sliders do not use adhesive but instead utilize rubber or EVA foam to stick to the furniture. The legs sink into the foam such that they will not displace when moving. The foam is also responsible for distributing the weight, so heavy pieces slide easily.


Given the variety of options, choosing the best furniture sliders for carpet can be challenging. Our list entails brands that outperform the competition. For those particularly heavy pieces, SuperSliders 4724095N is our top recommendation. From the design to the shape, these sliders can handle a vast array of furniture and appliances. 

While SuperSliders 4724095N come as a set of four, you can work with more sliders if you have lots of furniture to move. We are talking X-Protector Heavy Moving Pads. This pack comes with sixteen sliders of large pads to make moving a cinch.


If you are up to moving pieces on both carpet and hard floors, X-Protector Felt Furniture Movers will help you do just that. The kit combines felt and hard plastic sliders to cover all surfaces.

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