05 Best Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors Reviews in 2021

Furniture Slider

From couches to dressers, heavy furniture can wreak havoc on hardwood floors. The last thing you want is to deal with permanent scratches and indentations. This is why we’ve enlisted the help of the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors. Now, you need not worry about the state of that oak after redecorating.

In this post, we focus only on premium-quality furniture sliders. You will find heavy-duty sliders that are versatile and large enough to deal with different furniture in your home. For those looking to move appliances, these sliders also offer a long-lasting hold for sharp corners that can bang up floors.

Felt Furniture Sliders Hardwood Floors X-PROTECTOR – 16 PCS 3 1/2' Furniture Sliders –...

X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders

X-protector is our number one recommendation. It is Ideal for a variety of furniture, these sliders stay on while moving pieces to protect hardwood floors. They are round in shape and come as a set of 16, 3½-inch sliders to relocate a load of furniture in no time.

Super Sliders Assorted Reusable Felt Furniture Sliders for Hard Surfaces, Beige (20 Pack)

SuperSliders 4712595Z All-In-One Kit

These sliders are designed for sofas, fridges, and even bookshelves. They come in various shapes and sizes to cater to both furniture and appliances. The smooth bottom slides safely on hardwood floors while the rubber foam grips furniture to stabilize it.

1. X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders – Best Overall

Protect floors and furniture with the X-Protector felt furniture sliders. Designed for hardwood floors, these sliders provide convenience for all types of furniture.

Build Quality

These sliders are round with felt and durable rubber foam. They are not only long-lasting but also provide a firm grip on any item. You will find that the rubber foam will not collapse on itself, especially if you plan on keeping them on after moving furniture.

Shape and Size

X-protector provides sliders in various sizes. These are the 3½ inches wide, round gliders ideal for small and medium-weighted pieces. We are talking sofas and some appliances without leaving marks on a hardwood floor. We like that you get a set of 16 pads. Whether you are moving or redecorating, no need to remove them after moving an item.
Another nice feature in this set is that each is thin and light. They can be stored, layered flat. Although light, the sliders can bear weight as much as 400 pounds across a decent distance.



Our verdict: X-Protector 3 ½-inch sliders are your best bet in making redecorating fun. They are complete with a durable construction and premium look. Thus, a solid choice for quality and value.

2. X-Protector 4 ¾ inch Wood Sliders – Best for Heavy Furniture

Do you have extra-large furniture that needs moving? Work smart with the X-Protector Premium Felt Sliders set of 8. All the sliders are for hardwood floors seeing that the top is rubber foam and the bottom is felt. 

Build Quality 

These X-Protector sliders can move all types of furniture. Even better with heavy pieces because they are wide and thick. They are well-cushioned to distribute weight evenly for furniture as large as beds, pianos, and bookcases. You can also leave them on, which is convenient if you move furniture regularly when cleaning. 

What’s more, the premium rubber foam ensures that the bottom remains intact at all times. 

Shape and Size 

These sliders are round and surprisingly thick at 5/8 inches. This feature makes them ideal for hardwood floors are well as tiles and laminate. Each slider is 4¾ inches wide. They can fit easily under any furniture no matter how big it is. 



Our verdict:X-Protector Wood Sliders are perfect for oversized furniture legs. They offer excellent weight distribution, so no risk on floors when pushing and pulling furniture. They combine elegance and quality while being budget-friendly.

3. SuperSliders 4712595Z All-In-One Kit –Best Value

SuperSliders 4712595Z All-In-One Kit is an assortment of four different shapes and sizes. Each pad offers premium protection for hardwood floors as well as stability for large and bulky items.

Build Quality

Like most sliders for hardwood floors, these are also made of felt and long-lasting rubber foam. You are sure to get a firm grip on furniture thanks to the rubber foam. At the same time, the felt allows legs to slide easily and safely across hardwood floors. The construction materials also mean that you can use them again and again without fail.

Shape and Size

If you have irregular-shaped furniture, choose from oval to rectangular, square, and round pads. They are straightforward to use every day to prevent marring and damage when cleaning or moving furniture regularly.
You get a variety of sizes. There are four 9-inch rectangular sliders, four 6-inch oval sliders, four 5-inch square sliders, and eight 2½ -inch round sliders.



Our verdict: SuperSliders 4712595Z All-In-One Kit aims at protecting furniture and floors. It allows furniture to slide across short and long distances. Hence, you can use it for moving or relocating furniture temporarily.

4. SuperSliders 4705195N Furniture Movers – Best Cheap

Relocating furniture is the least fun part of a move. Especially on a budget and don’t want to spend much on furniture sliders. Worry not, because SuperSliders 4705195N Furniture Movers will make it easy and straightforward.

Build Quality

Again, these are felt and rubber foam sliders. The foam offers a secure grip for sofas, fridges, and even bookshelves. This way, you won’t be dealing with a backache. The primary objective of these sliders is to protect floors. That’s why they have a soft bottom to glide smoothly across floors.
These sliders are reusable. You can pick from a variety of colors to match with furniture. It makes it easy to leave them on for quick shifts during cleaning.

Shape and Size

Most sliders do not come with equipment to lift furniture during the placement of pads. Oval-shaped sliders, however, glide easily even when dealing with super heavy furniture like grand pianos. We like that they are super-thick at 6 inches. The material is sturdy to ensure items do not slide off.



Our verdict: It’s refreshing to find high-quality and affordable sliders in the SuperSliders 4705195N Furniture Movers. It may be a set of four, but it promises longevity and reliability that outperforms the competition.

5. X-Protector 2½-Inch Felt Furniture Sliders 24-Pieces – Best for Cleaning

X-Protector 2½-inch kit is another masterpiece. You will be able to move furniture as often as you’d like without scratching hardwood floors. 

Build Quality

These sliders have a felt bottom. It ensures that you can move sofas and fridges by taking the pressure off the legs. Each slider has rubber foam. It grips without the help of glue, meaning it will be perfectly intact for multiple uses. 

Even better, these sliders are a low-cost investment while remaining high-quality. You don’t require tools for installation, which is another bonus of this option. 

Shape and Size

X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders are 2½ inches wide and 2/3 inches thick. They are a perfect size for different types of furniture and appliances. Since they are small, they can stay on and won’t be an eye-sore. The black side is up to make it easy to match with sofas and couches.



Our verdict:It’s easy to overlook the importance of small furniture sliders like X-Protector 2½-inch Felt Furniture Sliders. But if you plan on moving items from time to time, these pieces are a lifesaver.

Best Furniture Sliders for Hardwood Floors: Buying Guide

When moving things around, hardwood floors are the most susceptible to damage. The best furniture sliders will help you rearrange heavy items without leaving marks. Here’s a quick guide on the ins and outs of choosing furniture sliders for hardwood floors.


Furniture sliders have construction from different materials to work with different types of flooring. Hard materials work with soft floors like carpeting, while soft materials are ideal for hard floors. In our case, you are looking at nylon, felt, or fabric to help them slide effortlessly.
Felt sliders are ideal for not only hardwood floors but also laminate floors that are prone to scratching. They protect the floor and furniture. They are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Glued vs. Not-Glued

The most common complaint with sliders is that they don’t stay on. You can choose adhesive-backed sliders if you move furniture around a lot. But if you plan to use the sliders from time to time, you can use brands without adhesive.
You need to look out for grit and oil as they cause the sliders not to stick well. If you have furniture with foam layers, you will find non-glued sliders ideal. Finally, large sliders need to be glued to the floor.
Furniture Shape, Size, and


Large, thick sliders are designed to handle heavy furniture. You can pick a set of large sliders for reuse on multiple occasions. When going for round glides, ensure that the diameter is slightly larger than the leg.
Square furniture legs are better off with square sliders rather than round ones. This way, the sliders have a tidier look and can stay on longer than when mismatched.


The longevity of sliders depends on the construction material and the floor surface. Choose the right material since the more it glides, the more it wears. It is essential to let the floor dry completely when using felt sliders. It ensures the base will not react in any way to a wet floor and compromise its gliding abilities.


On a budget, you will find felt sliders for hardwood floors. They come in the usual round size and vary in diameter from 3-7 inches. Mid-range sliders come in specialty designs. You are looking at combo kits with round and oval glides. They can also include sliders for hard and carpet flooring in one package.

If you want sliders that include a lifting tool, then expect to pay a little more. Here, kits come in various shapes and contain 50 or more sliders. Such glides are ideal when moving loads of furniture.

FAQs Furntiure Slider

How do you put sliders under heavy furniture?

With your sliders ready for use, tilt the furniture backward or forward. Let one of the legs come off the floor, and use your foot to push the slider under the leg. Repeat the process for the other legs. You can also enlist the help of a car jack when lifting pianos and pool tables off the floor.

Can you reuse sliders?

Furniture moving pads usually don’t have adhesive. It means you can use them many times. When you choose durable sliders, they will give you good use for a couple of years.

How much weight can furniture sliders support?

Weight distribution depends on the quality of the sliders. It can be anywhere from 500-1600 pounds. Remember to always ask about the construction material of sliders when dealing with expensive flooring.

How durable are furniture sliders?

Sliders move furniture weighing hundreds of pounds. Most sliders are made from durable materials. Hence, you should expect a set to last through a decent number of moves.

What’s the difference between furniture pads and furniture sliders?

Furniture pads aim at protecting the furniture and the floor without necessarily moving the furniture. They can be installed on temporary or permanent. Some come with adhesive, while others use a nail attachment.
Sliders, on the other hand, rarely have adhesive. They are meant to be used while moving furniture but can also be left to protect the floor underneath.


Furniture sliders make moving heavy pieces a breeze. Keep floors sleek with the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors. If you have extra-large items, we highly recommend the X-Protector 4 ¾ inch Wood Sliders.

If you move pieces around when cleaning, you may want to consider X-Protector 2½-Inch Felt Furniture Sliders. These pads are small and elegant enough to stay on. Finally, you can also consider a variety pack like the SuperSliders 4712595Z All-In-One Kit. This set allows you to deal with different shaped furniture legs without cutting sliders to size.

The above picks are carefully considered for hardwood floors. We hope you can rest easy during your next move.

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