Very Step By Step Guide On How a Wooden Chair is Made

How a Wooden Chair is Made

Do you love wooden furniture? Are you looking for a wooden chair for your living room to make it more elegant? We bet you wish for it. A lot of homeowners prefer wooden sitting structures because of their long life and luxurious appearance.

You can buy a wooden chair from the local market, but it will be identical to your friend’s or neighbor’s or colleagues. So, why don’t you design something unique? Why don’t you create something that no one else possesses? So, let’s discuss how a wooden chair is made?

How wooden chair is made?

Chair design: Before you make a wooden chair, you need to design it. Make sure that the sitting structure is safe for all the users. You can take the help of the CAD application to draft the chair and check its safety. Furniture makers also use the same to test the design.

Required components: All the wooden chairs are made of three primary components: the seat, back, and something to keep these two raised from the ground. Structures without a back are sold as a stool. The stabilizer bar, footrest, and armrest are the other parts of a wooden chair. Once you design all these sections, the next step is to combine them.

Everything combined: The above-mentioned modules are manufactured as per the chair’s design. First, the seat is made, which is then fitted with back and legs. Other items including the armrest and footrests are also attached afterward. If the manufacturers are designing a cushioned or upholstered chair, then they also follow a process to integrate springs or sponges and then finish it with a covering seat.

After assembly: Once all the sections are assembled, the makers apply a finish to the end product. They can use paint, oil, or wood stains to add some glow to the wooden parts. Some of the models also come with a polyurethane finish, which protects them from scratches and spills. Chemicals are applied to the cushions and covers for the same reason.

The final product: Wooden chairs are available in a wide range of designs and shapes. Whether it’s a small kid’s chair or an adult recliner, all of them are built according to safety standards. Due to an appropriate making process, high-quality wooden furniture can last for decades. A wooden chair bought today could be an antique piece in the future.

How to make a wooden chair?

You can build a chair on a weekend, simply by using some easy-to-use tools. As we discussed earlier, you need to plan the chair’s design according to your taste and requirements. If you are a beginner, then try to create a simple chair with a plane seat and back support.


  • Two pieces of 2 x 2 lumber for front legs – 17.5 inches long
  • Two pieces of 2 x 4 lumber for back legs – 39 inches long
  • Four pieces of 1 x 4 lumber for aprons – each of them should be 16 inches long
  • One piece of 1 x 3 lumbar for back support – 16 inches’ long
  • One piece of 1 x 4 lumber for back support – 16 inches’ long
  • Four pieces of 1 x 2 lumber for cleats – 3.5 inches
  • One piece of plywood worth 1.5-inch thick for the seat – 18.5 x 19 inches long
  • Miter saw, jigsaw, router or sand block, drilling machine, and drill bits
  • Glasses, safety gloves, chalk line, measurement tape, carpentry pencil, and spirit level


  • Pre-drill the holes before driving in any screws
  • Use 1.4 inch bit to smoothen surfaces and edges of wooden pieces


Build the legs: the first step is to build the legs. You can easily construct the front legs, but the back ones might be tricky because you need to cut them from 2 x 4 wooden beams. Cut the back legs from the 2 x 4 lumber using a jigsaw. Then, use a sand block to smoothen their surface and edges.

Similarly, build the front legs using 2 x 2 lumber and fix them to the back legs. Use the 1 x 4 apron to connect the front and back legs. Use screws and wood glue to secure all three things together.

To connect the apron, the first step is to drill pocket holes at both of its ends. Check the components by connecting them to make sure they are aligned correctly. Connect the apron 1.4 inches inside the legs by using 1.4 inches’ screws and glue.

Install front and back aprons: After building both sides, you need to secure them together using front and back aprons. Apply some glue to all the ends of the aprons and fix them. Finally, drive in 1.4 inches screws into the pilot holes.

Build the support: The next step is to build the support for the user. You can use different sizes of slats to create the brace. However, we are taking 1 x 3 lumber. So, you can cut the slat using a miter saw. Drill pilot holes on both ends of the slat. Align it correctly and check its placement using a spirit level. Insert screws to secure the slats.

Place 2 x 2 wooden blocks to reinforce the four corners of the seat. Cut both the ends of a wooden brace at 45 degrees. Use a miter saw to complete this step. Drill pilot holes in the braces and use 2-inch screws to secure them. Apply some wood glue to strengthen the bonds between the two joints. Apply some glue to the top edges of all the aprons and fasten the plywood using some 2-inch nails.

Finishing: Lastly, you need to take care of the finishing. Fill all the drill holes with high-quality wood putty and allow them to dry for a few hours. Afterward, use 120 grit sandpaper to sand the wooden chair.

What wood is best for chairs?

Any wood can be used to make chairs or other furniture pieces. The hardwood is perfect for fine structures, but softwoods are better for comfortable chairs.

Oak: If you want durability and strength, then there is nothing like oak. It has the familiar appearance of furniture, which looks great in any interior. Plus, oak never shrinks like other semi-hard woods.

American red and American white oak are the most common species that are used to make chairs. The latter is the hardest, which means it’s tough to cut.

Mahogany: Most of the manufacturers prefers mahogany to make chairs because it’s available worldwide. This wood is strong like oak, but it’s comparatively lightweight. Mahogany has a warm appearance and a semi-soft nature, which means you can easily work with it. The wood mixes well with other items in your house or office. Plus, it’s almost split proof due to straight grains.

Maple: Due to a very tight pattern, maple is the toughest and hardest wood to make chairs. Birch is the hardest, but it’s rarely used to make wooden furniture. Maple has a light glow, which looks great in your living room or office.

The only carbide-tipped drill bits are used to make holes in this wood. Glue might fail sometimes to connect the smooth surface of maple wood. So, you need to be careful and patient while making a maple wood chair.

Poplar: Widely used for chair making because of its flexible nature, poplar is a very comfortable wood. Most of the bentwood chairs are made of poplar because of their flex. However, this flex can result in separation of chair lamination if used inappropriately.

Redwood and cedar: Two of the most traditional and oldest woods, redwood and cedar are perfect for outdoor sitting areas because they don’t or rot or degrade their appearance. Hence, most of the lawn chairs and deck furniture are made of cedar and redwood.

Both the woods are soft, easy to cut, and very comfortable to use because of a little flex. Apart from that, you might notice the smell of cedar in its chairs, especially if they are placed in a confined room.

Different styles of wooden chairs

If you want to design your living room with the latest ideas, then you might ask – what are the different styles of wooden chairs available in the market? If you are a smart consumer, then you would like to know the available options. It is why we will discuss the common wooden chair styles that you can choose according to the existing décor.

Mission Style Chairs: You can very easily spot a mission-style chair because of its distinctive appearance. These chairs have a straight and linear design that minimizes the gap between modern and traditional furniture. Such a piece of furniture is very versatile because you can use it in the living room, dining room, and any other occasional sitting arrangements.

Windsor Chairs: Curved back and vertical spindles are the two characteristics of Windsor chairs that are as famous as mission-style ones. The spindles are thick in the middle and become narrower at both of its ends.

Windsor chairs might not fit into a modern setting like mission-style structures, but the former is perfect for cottage or country themes. These chairs can also blend well into a casual setting. For instance, you can use them into a casual dining area as well as a living room.

Ladder-back Chairs: Traditional chairs with horizontal wooden support at their back, ladder-backs exists since the middle ages. Still, these chairs suit both traditional and modern décor. Due to their relaxed and exposed design, ladder back chairs also looks great in dining areas.

Kitchen Chairs: Also sold as school chairs, kitchen chairs come with shorter back support than other variants. The slats for back support can be vertical or horizontal. Plus, the back can be a bit triangular or straight.

Due to their casual appearance, kitchen chairs are suitable for formal and casual sitting arrangements. Don’t be disguised with the name. They are available as kitchen chairs; but these furniture pieces are not meant to be confined inside a cooking area. These pieces are perfect for the dining room as well.

Queen Anne Chairs: Traditional chairs with wide vertical slats, curved legs, and carved details, queen Anne chairs exist since the 16th century. These furniture pieces can be with arms or armless. If you want something for a traditional or formal space, then a queen Anne chair is one of the best options to try.

Modern Wood Chairs: Modern wooden chairs cannot be easily summarized because they are available in a wide range of designs and shapes. However, they have three common traits.

  • Modern chairs are generally made of bent or curved wood.
  • These chairs give an organic feel due to the high emphasis on wood grains.
  • They have a supple and streamlined appearance.

Modern wood chairs are perfect for a stylish interior, especially in the living rooms and dining areas.

Rustic Wood Chairs: If you prefer hand-crafted style or appearance, then rustic wood chairs are the best to try. These furniture pieces are generally made of finished or unhewn logs, which makes them wild, yet stylish like modern chairs.

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