How to Clean a Fabric Sofa Naturally?

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Whether you are watching a soccer match or lounging with your friends over the weekend, it’s the sofa who takes all the dings. Yes, it’s right. No matter how careful you try to be, but you cannot avoid the stains or grime that might build over the sofa, especially when it’s used regularly. Well, you cannot stop your cat to run over it. Or you cannot even spot one of your friends who just wiped his sauce finger. So, what is the best way to clean a fabric sofa for the best results?

Before you shop around for some expensive fabric cleaning products, you can try some natural ingredients that might be already present in your kitchen. We will discuss some of the best ways to naturally clean your sofa. However, before you follow any of the given steps, we recommend that you check the cleaning instructions viable included with the sofa. It might be attached undersides of your sofa cushions with the branding.

Brush the sofa

Remove the dirt, bread crumbs or any other dust using a dry cloth. Use a cloth or towel and brush all over the upholstery. Make sure to cover all the nooks and crannies including the space between cushions. Use a brush to clean the dried marks, if any.

If you have a light-colored sofa, then we recommend using a white cleaning cloth. Otherwise, the added shade from the fabric might discolor your sofa.

Tackle unpleasant smell

As we were discussing earlier, a sofa tends to intake lots of stains and with them, it also retains the smell. Your body odor, pets smell, wine, coffee, etc., can all develop into a terrific scent that might not be pleasant for your guests. You can try an upholstery deodorizer, but that’s a temporary solution. If you want to get rid of these smells permanently, then use a natural cleaning process.


Baking soda, vacuum cleaner, and carpet dry cleaner

  • After brushing the sofa, sprinkle baking soda all over the structure and let it rest there for about 20 minutes.
  • After the given period, vacuum clean the sofa using its brush attachment
  • If you notice some of the stubborn stains as well, we recommend you to try a carpet dry cleaner and let it rest there for 20 minutes. You can also mix baking soda with the dry cleaner for better results. Try the Capture carpet dry cleaner for better results.
  • If you are still experiencing irritating smell veen after following the above-given steps, then you should try a steam vacuum cleaner to tackle the odor as well as stains. Check the PentaBeauty steam cleaner if you want a new one.

Remove the stains

Fabric sofas are not spillage or spot repellent. Knock a coffee cup on its fabric and you will understand what we are talking about here. However, you don’t have to worry too much, because there are several ways to clear such stains that also without using any harmful chemicals. We will discuss some of the fantastic sofa cleaning ways here.


Baking soda, warm water, white vinegar, and washing up liquid

  • Mix white vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid in a container filled with warm water. The results should be a lather, wherein the baking soda and white vinegar react with each other.
  • Apply the mixture on all the stains and marks that you can notice. Let the solution sit there for 10 minutes.
  • Once dried, you only have to take out the mix using a dry cloth. Once you are done all you can see is a well maintained, clean and beautiful sofa.


Whenever you need to take care of some stubborn stains on upholstery or carpets, white vinegar and baking soda is a lethal combination that provides you with effective results. When mixed, these two components form an acidic content that cuts through the grease. So, use this supernatural formula to get rid of a spoiled sofa or any other house furniture that deserves some maintenance.

Using a removable and washable sofa cover is also a great idea. Whenever you notice that the sofa is smelling bad or it’s dirty, you can simply wash its cover and reuse it. However, if the furniture is too old and has seen regular usage by all your family members, then its glory will not revive even after cleaning. In such cases, you should consider reupholstering.

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