How to Paint Furniture with Chalk Paint?

How to Paint Furniture with Chalk Paint?

You can revive anything with chalk paint, be it wood, kitchen cabinet, metal structure, and even fabrics. However, the most common use of chalk paint is to add a new shine to an old piece of furniture. You can also apply chalk paint to newly purchased items to make it look aged and distressed. You would like the fact that there is no learning curve for chalk paints, you can directly dive in after reading the following instructions and steps.

Pre Requisites

  • Wax can and wax brush
  • Chalk paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Chip brush
  • Some towels
  • Piece of aluminum foil – you can wrap the brush if you are taking a break


Step 1: Gather all the required items and target the piece of furniture

You might select a sofa or a study table that has seen better days. Then purchase a can of chalk paint from any of the nearby stores. Or you can choose one from Amazon. Something like Rust-Oleum 285140, which is one of the best sellers. If you are free for the weekend, you can also try and make your chalk paint at home.

Step 2: Clean the furniture piece

No need to strip off the sofa to remove old paint of finish. Instead, use simple soap water to clean the structure and let it dry. Do not use furniture wax to clean it, otherwise, chalk paint will not mix well the structure.

If you are a beginner or slow painter, we recommend that you drop one or two towels beneath the structure. If you are an expert or you paint fast, no need to look for towels. Even if you drop some paint on the surface or carpet, it can be cleaned using detergent and water. The choice is yours, either use a towel and spent some time cleaning the floor.

Step 3: Patch scratches and gouges

Check the furniture for any deep scratches or gauges that need some attention. You can use a wood filler like Elmer’s E914. Apply the filler with a putty knife. You can choose Warner 90127A if you don’t have one already. Sand the filled surface smooth using sandpaper. We recommend that you use a 220 grit sandpaper like Fandeli 36027.

Use a sand block with one of these sandpapers to smoothen the surface. Make sure it is smooth enough by running your fingers over it. You can close your eyes for a better sense. You can skip this step if you need a complete distressed look on your furniture.

Step 4: Paint the furniture

Paint the furniture with long sweep strokes, but follow the grain. Keep in mind that chalk paint dries very fast, so you have to be quick. If you are reviving a piece of furniture that already has dark paint, then you might need up to three coats for a solid appearance.

Step 5: Sand the furniture for a distressed look

Use fine-grit sandpaper over the furniture on certain areas. It depends upon your personal preferences on which side you want to sand for a perfect distressed finish. Do not over-sand, otherwise, you have to apply the paint once again to cover up.

Step 6: Take off the sanding dust

Damp one of the towels and run it over the structure to collect all the dust particles. This wooden dust was generated in the previous step when you were sanding the furniture.

Step 7: Wax the structure

Chalk pain lacks any sealer, so you need to wax the furniture. The wax layer will protect the wooden piece from moisture and other harmful elements. You need to purchase a separate brush to wax. Or try something like Tatler & Tatum professional brush that can be used with chalk paint as well as wax. You might like the Furniture Clinic Traditional Beeswax, which is suitable for several wood types. Do not use an item of waxed furniture outdoors, otherwise, it will lose the shine faster and age rapidly.

You can use a darker shade if you like an antique appearance. Repeat the waxing process after three weeks for heavily used items like sofa, coffee table or office furniture. If the wax is not working anymore, which might happen after some years. Then you can repaint the piece of furniture and wax.

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