How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture?

Scratching Furniture

Is your cat scratching all the household furniture? Well, it might feel like she is scratching the carpets or your coffee table. However, the reality differs. It’s not something she is doing on purpose to upset you. Instead, the cat scratches to clear the external sheath of her nails and sharpen the claws; imaging it like a manicure. You should not stop her from scratching and anyway you cannot. But, what you can you is; redirect her behavior, brings something else in her attention and protect your coffee table. Here are some of the best tips that can help you in the process.

Gift her a scratching post

It’s natural to lose your cool and yell at the innocent being, but it will only confuse, upset and provoke her. So, pick up gently and place her next to a scratching post. Such products are built to be a scratching outlet for your cats and hence acts as a furniture saver.

Most of the cats prefer a rough scratching surface that they can shred. Sisal scratching posts are the most desirable because they can satisfy your cats and withstand their claws for long. There are other varieties available that are made of hemp, rope, cedar or cardboard. Find the option that you think will suit your cat. Well, you are the one who knows her the most after all. You can check the AmazonBasics scratch post, which also included a hammock.

To give some hints, we can tell you that a cat who scratches carpets or rugs might like a horizontal scratching post. On the other hand, if your cat is attracted to chair legs or couch corners, then she might like a vertical scratching post. According to the cat experts, a scratching post should be tall and stable. Tall posts will ask her to stretch and stability is required obviously, otherwise, the post will tip over including your little one. If you have multiple cats, then you should purchase several scratching posts.

Tips to use a scratching post:

  • Rub some catnip or spray catnip on the post to make it inviting.
  • Treat her whenever she uses the post instead of any other area. Try cooked fish or chicken breasts, which are some of their favorites.
  • Give her an idea about the scratching post by showing her how to scratch. Use your fingers to give her a demo.
  • Place her toys nearby the post, so that she can discover and explore her new hangout place without your interference.

Try sprays and tapes

There are chances that your cat might not adapt to a scratching post. In such unfortunate cases, you can try sticky tapes like I-Pure. The sticky surface will feel very annoying to her and she will not try to scratch the same place. You simply need to place this sticky surface on her favorite scratching furniture.

You can try water spry, but make sure you only use a very less amount of water. Just to scare her away. Stop the act immediately if she is very afraid of water. Never spray water or anything else towards her face, only target her back or legs.

Also try a citrus-scented spray, which is naturally cat repellent. Cats never like citrus odor, so spray the same on your furniture. You will never notice her on or nearby the new coffee table again.

Calm her down

Then comes the products that can clam your cat if she is scratching is stress. Were you in thought only you can feel stressed? Well, your cat can also feel the tension, if you are not maintaining her properly. Maybe she needs more attention and you are busy with your work. Or she wants to play some more, but you always have to leave because of some or other tasks.

If you think she might be stressed, then use a pray that can mimic the relaxing pheromone for cats. You can try the natural cat calming pheromone diffuser by Relaxivet. Spray the same over the table or any other furniture that she generally tries to scratch. Cover the areas where she or he hangs out most of the time. Continue to attract her towards the scratch post.

Tips to use a tape or spray

  • Don’t let your cat see that you are putting that tape for her inconvenience. Same goes for the spray, if she sees that you are the one troubling her, then she might start fearing you or might not allow you to pet her.
  • Reward the cat if she stops visiting her favorite scratching site, even if you are the one who did all hard work.

Trim their nails

Another effective way to save your furniture from scratching. Trim the tips of her claws using the cat’s nail trimmer. Make sure you don’t cut the pink portion of her claw, otherwise you will regret that you ever used a trimmer. If you are not sure about how to use a nail trimmer, then you can consult a vet for a demonstration.

Tips to trim her properly

  • Most probably your cat can pull her claw when you try to use the trimmer, which might make the job even more difficult. So, try petting her first, make her comfortable and then do the trick in between.
  • Don’t try to cut all the nails at once. One or two nails at once are enough. The work will be done and she will not even know it.

Use paw covers

You can sheath their paws using plastic caps, which will dull their impact. It requires your cat to co-operate up to some level because she can remove them. Some of the cats might not take them off, but there are chances that it can happen.


Amputation or declawing cats is an act of cruelty because it will disarm them outdoors. If your cat is outdoors and in danger, she will not be able to protect her or climb over to dodge nearby dogs. This process might also result in chronic pain and hence declawing is banned in several regions of the USA and Canada. Most of the adoption center and rescue shelters have a no declaw section of their clauses as well.

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