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Kore Patented WOBBLE Chair

Kids love to run around and stopping them is not an easy task. In other words, children are restless and it’s the primary reason why most of the parents are worried about them. But, what if something can get them seated that also without getting bored? It would be very helpful, right?

This is where Kore Wobble chair comes into the picture. It’s a normal-looking seat that has a unique ability to conform natural postures of your kids. So, the chair keeps your child’s back, hips, and knees comfortable in any sitting posture.

The manufacturer knows that each kid has his or her specific choice, which is why the wobble chair is available in multiple colors. Moreover, it’s also perfect for children experiencing ADHD or ADD.

Kore Patented Wobble chair review

kore wooble

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Easy to assemble and use

Kore wobble chair is generally delivered into three parts – base, the upright, and the seat. You will not need any tools to assemble these components. You can put it together even if you don’t have any knowledge about plastic furniture.


Wobble chair boosts secondary focus, which increases their attention and improves learning abilities. This chair rocks and spins on its base, which strengthens the back muscles of your kid. Plus, it promotes active sitting. So, your child will enjoy the sitting time along with healthy back muscles.

Exercise for kids

The Wobble chair also acts as an exercise ball for kids. Looks like the manufacturers wanted to create a combination of chair and exercise ball to make daily activities exciting. For instance, doing homework or drawing will not be sedentary with this chair. Instead, these tasks will be more like exercise.

Wobble has a patented design and functionality. These chairs also have a warning ring at the bottom, which is also patent. So, not only playful and healthy, but the chair is unique as well.

Added fun

Kids want to enjoy and have fun, which is why you can consider a Wobble chair for them. Using regular chairs while studying, eating, or playing games is boring and monotonous for children. But, the situation changes if you have the Kore patented furniture piece. It adds more fun to the daily tasks and also makes them a form of exercise.


Kore Wobble chairs meet or exceed all the safety standards, which is a primary requirement when kids are going to use them. So, in none of the situations, your child will lose his or her balance while sitting on this chair.

Suitable for kids with ADHD or ADD

Kids dealing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can benefit a lot from Wobble chair. When such children sit and wobble on this chair, their blood flow towards the brain increases. Hence, even the restless kids will not move much. Even stubborn kids will find it easy to study while playing on this furniture. Hence, it’s perfect for any of the kids who want to learn and be more productive.


Kore wobble chair is lightweight and hence any of your kids can easily carry it from one room to another. However, train them not to carry the furniture now and then.

Easy to maintain

Wobble chairs are very easy to clean. You can simply use a cloth to wipe its plastic surface. You can even wash the chair in the bathroom and let it dry. In addition, Kore wobble chairs are made of antimicrobial plastic, which prevents the infection of almost 99.9 percent of bacteria, including listeria, S. aureus, and E. coli.

Convenient to store

You can take the chair apart in three separate parts if you want. So, you can store it easily without sacrificing a lot of open space.

Colorful furniture for your child

Wobble chairs are available in nine shades including dark blue, blue, green, black, white, yellow, purple, red, and grey. So, your kids can easily choose one of them as per their taste. Plus, you can also choose the shade according to the existing setting of their room.

Also suitable for adults

Kore chair is designed for both kids and adults. You can find them according to your requirements. These chairs can withstand a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

Advantages of Wobble chair

  • Ergonomic base: Wobble chair has a round base, which allows your kid to move and flex without leaving his or her seat.
  • Flexible, yet stable: Children might sit for a long time while carrying out their daily activities. However, the stability and flexibility of the wobble chair keep the little one comfortable.
  • Adds exercise: Your kid can not only sit on this chair but he or she can also fidget and wiggle using it. Such actions on Wobble strengthen their back, abdomen, and legs. Due to this impact, the chair also relieves stiff joints and muscle soreness.
  • Support a large number of movements: No matter the kid is sitting indoors or outdoors, the Wobble chair allows him or her to move at will.
  • More fun for the kids: Sitting activities like drawing, playing games, or drawing becomes more fun for kids with a Wobble chair. They might spend more time studying because of the excitement that a flexible chair can offer.
  • Safe: As we discussed earlier, the Wobble chair is perfectly safe for your kids. It’s the reason they are excellent for playschools as well.
  • Suitable for kids with ADHD: Wobble chair channels the restlessness of kids dealing with ADHD into something productive, which helps them to learn in a better way.
  • Works well for the adults: Even grownups can enjoy the features of a Wobble chair because their maximum weight limit is 250 pounds.

Disadvantages of Wobble chair

  • Wobble chair has a plastic base without any rubberized layer or material. So, it might not work very well on the non-carpeted floor.
  • These chairs can crack within 2 years, especially if used regularly.
  • The sitting surface is small for grown-up children.
  • Not a soft sitting surface. It’s why some of the kids don’t like sitting on Wobble chairs.


What are wobble chairs?

Wobble chairs allow you to rock, turn and twist while sitting. Such a piece of furniture offers such movements because of a round seat, which is fixed with a base that’s rounded in its underside. Due to this curved base, you can enjoy multiple movements while sitting on the chair.

Why try active sitting?

Human beings are made to move. But, is it possible at a school or office? Not always, because many of us spent extended hours sitting in the same position. However, you should take a break after every 30 minutes of sitting. But, can you follow it at work or inside a classroom?

A wobble chair allows you to move constantly, which eradicates the requirement of regular breaks. Plus, it pumps your blood and prevents any pain caused by sitting in a similar position for a long time.

The benefits of active sitting are not only physical, but it is also helpful for kids with attention troubles. Schools and teaching institutions are preferring wobble chairs because they are seeing their positive impacts on kid’s concentration when they are sitting actively.

Are wobble chairs effective?

Some of the teachers suggest that wobble chairs are helpful for students, especially those experiencing ADHD. Most of the kids will be excited to see a new chair, but there might be some who will not like it.

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Final talk

Kore Wobble’s chair is unique due to its design and features. The plastic furniture is perfect for kids because it makes their daily activities productive and more enjoyable. Plus, the movements and exercises offered by this chair are important for the kids.

However, none of the things in this world is perfect and the same applies to the Wobble chair. First is its high price tag. If you need something affordable, then you can try a bean bag chair. Second, the product is not durable. Third, young kids cannot enjoy the chair because of its compact size. Plus, the chair is not suitable for non-carpeted floors because of its slippery nature.

Now you know all the benefits and disadvantages of investing in a Kore patented Wobble chair, which will help you make the right decision.


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