Should I Buy a Gaming Chair? Is It Worth The Money?

Should I Buy a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are popular. And why not? They have a stylish design and splendid features. But, their price tag is a bit higher than regular office chairs. Are gaming chairs worth this much of the amount from your pocket? Here, we will take a look at both sides of this discussion.
Entry-level office chairs are available at around $50, but you need to invest more than $100 to get even a cheap gaming chair. Apart from the dashing appearance, what is the reason these chairs are expensive? And why you should pay this much for a chair? Well, the answer depends upon your working hours and sitting postures.
Should I Buy a Gaming Chair?
Some people do not mind driving a hatchback, but others prefer to invest hundreds of dollars in SUVs. Why? Similarly, most of the users can sit and work on average office chairs. But, if you are not feeling comfortable, then gaming chairs deserves your attention.

Why gaming chairs are worth it?
An average professional in America sits or works for at least 11 hours every day. The duration includes office hours and leisure time watching TV, reading, or gaming. Sitting for such long times per day might result in multiple issues in your body.
Some of the users try standing desks and exercise balls to tackle the problems caused by high sedentary timings. It’s where a gaming chair comes into the picture and gives you the solution without being weird at work. Instead, they support your spine all the time you are working.
In other words, gaming chair deserves the attention of professionals who sit and work for at least 8 to 9 hours for living. In the morning, you sit straight because you can use the back muscles. But, they start to droop as the day goes on. But, the situation is different on a gaming chair because it supports your sitting posture throughout the day.
In addition, a gaming chair saves the energy that you generally waste to keep the muscles straight. You can utilize the same power to be more productive and efficient. So, try a gaming chair If you are a programmer or web designer. If you want to enjoy comfortable and more productive working hours, then try one of the best gaming chairs.

Why gaming chairs are not worth it?
You should avoid investing in a gaming chair due to a few reasons. First, if you don’t have a sitting job, there is no point paying for an expensive chair. Even if you sit for long hours, but you don’t have any posture, back, or neck problems, then a gaming chair could be an unnecessary expense. Sitting in a good posture is a habit. If you already cultured this habit, then go for a pocket-friendly office chair.
Second, a gaming chair might not be the right purchase if you need to shift your residence frequently. Such a piece of furniture is heavy and you cannot fit it inside a car without any disassembly.

Why consider a gaming chair?
Now we know that a gaming chair is suitable if you sit for long hours every day. But, what other features make them expensive? What will you get after spending a high amount? Let’s discuss some of the factors that can justify the high price tag of these chairs.
Health benefits: Health is wealth, so don’t ignore your body. Professionals who spent most of their time sitting on a chair are more prone to health problems like back and neck pain. These lifestyle errors are long-term and hence, you should try to avoid them. What else could be more helpful than a gaming chair?
You can sit for endless hours on a gaming chair while working or playing video games. It could cast a bad spell on your health and you will end up meeting a doctor. But, such possibilities are null if you are using a gaming chair.
Stylish design: Most of the gaming chairs are crafted sharply using bold colors, similar to rally car seats. Aggressive patterns and futuristic appearance are the other two points why a gaming chair deserves your attention. Some of the options are also available with color combinations inspired by famous movie characters. For instance, Marvel Avengers Office Chair that’s built around Spiderman.
The bucket seat is another common feature of gaming chairs. You will find a similar seating pattern in sports cars. Do you know why? The cushions in such seats support your posture and the high backrest adds comfort. Adjustable armrests are helpful to customize your sitting positions. Plus, these chairs also come with reclining and rocking functions to keep you relaxed during working hours.
Overall, gaming chairs are built with a flashy appearance, but they ate not only for aesthetics. Instead, these chairs are very supportive and comfortable due to their design.
Comfort level: If you are a gaming developer, then the coding sessions can last for hours. Sometimes it takes more than 8 hours to execute a script. So, a comfortable chair is one of the prerequisites for you or any other computer professional or gamer.
Gaming chairs are more comfortable than office chairs because the former is more comfortable. So, you will never feel sore muscles, back or neck pain even after working for an entire day on such a chair.
Adjustments: If you need a flexible chair that can offer multiple sitting postures, then prefer gaming chairs over their office versions. Even an entry-level gaming chair comes with a lot of adjustments. For instance, almost all the gaming chairs recline up to some degrees.
Almost all the gaming models allow you to lean back and relax while you take a small break during working hours. Plus, their chairs come with height-adjustable armrests. Some of the high ends models give you the option of 4D adjustable armrests. So, you can adjust their height and angle to find the most comfortable spot.
What’s more? Gaming chairs come with extendable footrest and lumbar support, which offers all-around comfort. For instance, RESPAWN RSP-110 has an extendable footrest, lumbar support, and it reclines up to 155 degrees. It also gives you 4D adjustable armrests.

Computing ergonomics: Gaming chairs supports the computing posture in multiple ways. First, they offer complete support to your armrests. Plus, such a piece of furniture also ensures that your arms are at the perfect spot for the mouse and keyboard.
Then, your back and neck get all the required support from a high backrest. Once you feel tired, you can simply lean back while working and the chair provide you the required support. Hence, your muscles never get strained by over-usage. Plus, you can focus more on the work.

Are cheap gaming chairs good?
Pocket-friendly gaming chairs are worth it if you need some more comfort while working or playing God of War. However, if you are concerned about ergonomics and comfort, then look for something available for more than $170.
How much should you pay for a gaming chair?
You can purchase a high-quality gaming chair anywhere between $150 to $400. You can also get a good computer chair within $100. However, if you need something with high-end features and the ability to last for a lifetime, then choose something with more than $400.
Are gaming chairs bad for the back?
No, the gaming chairs are not bad for your back. Instead, they are better for your body because of their build. A high backrest, lumbar support, and headrest work together to provide you the maximum support.

Final talk
If you spent at least 8 hours every day on a chair, then a gaming char might be the right investment. Such a piece of furniture maintains your posture and keeps you comfortable, which is also good for your health. You will breathe properly in the right sitting position, resulting in a maintained blood flow and better health.

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