Types of Living Room Chairs- How to Choose the Best One for Living Room?

types of living room chairs

When it comes to living room furniture, most minds sway to couches and sofas. What many don’t know is that these are just primary furniture that is best complemented with the right types of living room chairs. After a long day at work, nothing soothes like a cozy living room chair. Apart from serving as additional seating spaces, living room chairs serve the most crucial part of designing an interior space. They help add a contrast of fabric, color, and character to the room.

Undoubtedly, the evolution of living room chairs from their basic utility to being a symbol of luxury and class is taking a leap in the modern world. Perfectly upholstered to provide optimal comfort while sitting, today’s variety of living room chairs are guaranteed to make every dead and dull area a living experience. Whether you prefer modern pieces or traditional approach, below are some different types of living room chairs that will suit your style and space. In a bid to separate the wheat from the chaff and considering that these chairs are an investment piece, we also enlighten you on how to choose the best one, but first.

Types of Living Room Chairs

Well, there are two major categories of living room chairsarmchairs and armless chairs. Honestly, being categorical on the best between the two would be absurd, it’s all a matter of choice and preference. Our guide hereunder will shed some light, but first, here are some types that hopefully will catch your eye.

1. The Club Chair

This is a roomy arm living room chair with deep seats. It can be perfectly used along with a living room sofa or in cozy nook pairs. This chair is more likely to make you snooze happily as you enjoy your interesting novel.

2. The Roundabout Chair

This is a perfect option for providing additional space in a living room. Its design is quite traditional with its corner and one of its legs facing the front.

3. The Occasional Chair

They’re armless and extremely light thus easy to move around your living room.

4. The Rocking Chair

This chair gives you the freedom to swing back and forth for extra comfort. Its motion is probably the most popular reason why people prefer it as one of their top priority living room chairs. It’s available in different styles, with some with arms and others armless, others with cushions and others without.

5. The Parsons Chair

The highlight of this classy chair is how it goes with just about anything. There is always an option that’s perfect for you, regardless of the style of décor. Despite their streamlined and sleek looks, they have managed to retain a traditional natural look over the years.

6. The Tub Chair

This is an extended piece with arms that are attached to the back of the seat. Unlike most of other living room chairs, its arms tend to be naturally rounded instead of rectangular.

7. Convertible Chair

As the name suggests, these chairs are convertible to a variety of different types. They feature foldable backs such that you can simply pop down its back to your preferred position of comfort. They mostly come without arms but a footrest is normally added for extra comfort when converted int a bed.

8.  Slipper Chair

This is an armless upholstered living room chair with short legs. Its low height makes it easy to distinguish from the rest and also poses it as a comfortable choice for many buyers.

9. Chaise Longue 

This is a long-living room chair that can allow you to stretch your legs freely. It’s the most preferred for relaxing and its back is usually a semi-reclining angle.


How to Choose the Best One for your Living Room?

Choosing a classy living room chair is not a walk in the park. This isn’t only because of their cost, but also because they set the tone of the room. While different designers and manufacturers have their unique names for their living room chairs, here are some tips on how to choose the best one.

Get the correct size that goes with the size of your living room

  • Before choosing any living room chair, measure the spot where you intend to place them. Ensure that your choice perfectly fits into the spot and also allows walking space around them.
  • If you have a sofa, ensure the chairs won’t ‘feel’ too small next to it. This can be done by measuring the sofa’s height and width of the seat and arms. Choose chairs that have similar measurements to ensure the proportions match.

Consider your taste and style

  • Even though you need to find a chair that goes with your other furniture, you don’t have to find an exact match. For instance, coordinating the style between your chair and sofa makes it appear as a decorator did it for you. Choosing living room chairs that are influenced by similar time can also highly accentuate your living room.
  • What’s the atmosphere of your living room! If it’s a casual gathering place, consider chairs that are meant for lounging. If your living room is a formal one used on special occasions, you may need to choose chairs with upright backs. In a nutshell, it’s all about, your life, your style.

Choose a material

  • Fabric Chairs. These are meant for those who cherish something casual and colorful. They come in varied patterns and hues to provide a lively splash in the room. Does that describe your taste? If yes, there you go.
  • Leather Chairs. They scuff and wear naturally to add beauty to the look of your living room. If you need chairs that add a sophisticated look when matched with modern furniture, these chairs are available in a variety of styles.
  • Microfiber Chairs. If you have kids or pets, these easy-to-clean chairs may prove a perfect choice for you. Although they don’t come in myriad colors and patterns to choose from, you can choose from their variety of styles and you’re guaranteed of their ease to clean aspect to substitute their more limited selection.
  1. Check your doorways to prevent potential delivery mishaps. Needless to say, you don’t want to buy a chair only to discover that you can’t get it.
  2. How will the room be used? If your living room is for daily family hangout, choose sturdy and stain-resistant chairs. If it’s for occasional guests, fragile pieces made with delicate fabrics may be handier for you.

Consider your room’s natural architecture.

For instance, it’s advisable to choose modern chairs for a living room with a view overlooking the city.

Bottom Line

Let’s be real, choosing the best living room chairs from just a few varieties mentioned above can be stressful and exciting in equal measure. Our homes are our little piece of Heaven and we take pride in how they look. As one of the key spaces shared with family and friends, a living room ought to make the grade in matters of comfort and style. Choosing living room chairs that create a welcoming appearance while keeping at bay the daily wear and tear is key in getting this space to work for your needs. When all’s said and done, there are no wrong living room chairs to rock your space into a palace of your dreams. However, we hope the tips herein helped tap into your inner stylist.


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