Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews in 2021

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

You will find hundreds of massage chairs in the US market, but choosing one among them might be daunting. Yes, it’s right because you need something with a lot of features and a reasonable price tag, which might be time-consuming to find, especially if you are a beginner. It’s why we are here with a powerful and multipurpose massage chair that’s available with virtually unlimited settings.


Full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair EC01 offers SPA-like relaxation at your residence. It’s a pocket-friendly product that you can gift to your family members or friends. Apart from that, you can also purchase the chair for personal usage.

BestMassage chair is one of the most luxurious ways to treat yourself to a glass of wine over the weekend. Most of the buyers are satisfied with the performance of EC01, but a handful of them complains that there are no helps from the manufacturer in case of any problems.

Product details

BestMassage is slowly taking the number one position in the massage chair department because of its affordable, efficient, and unique products. The EC01 belongs to the same lot and it’s the reason this chair is one of the best options available to purchase.

  • Weight: 400 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Airbags: 20
  • Recline – Automatic

Electric Shiatsu Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Foot Roller Airbag Massage System Stretch Vibrating Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,Black

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EC01 uses super sharp 3D technology to offer you the most relaxing massage ever. But, let’s know all its primary features.

  • Shiatsu: Very effective in relaxing muscles, reviving your body, and reducing fatigue, Shiatsu is a famous massage therapy that’s inbuilt in EC01.
  • Rolling: If you love back massage, then this rolling feature could be very relaxing for your body. It works by moving the rollers up and down to reduce the back pain and rejuvenate your back muscles.
  • Kneading: If you want to loosen up your body after a long day of meetings, then kneading is the best function to enjoy. It reduces muscle stiffness, aches and makes you feel fresh.
  • Chop action tapping: You might not understand this feature by reading its name. However, if you are experiencing muscle pain, then chop action tapping is the best to enjoy. It softens the thick fat in your body, stimulates all your nerves, and keeps muscle soreness or pain at bay.
  • Compression: To improve the posture and mobility of your legs, EC01 uses compression.
  • Vibration: EC01 generates vibrations to remove impurities and harmful toxins from your body. So, your tissue, blood, and all other organs leave all their dirtiness, so that you can feel fresh.
  • Percussion: Do you know about acupuncture? In simple words it’s a method to minimize pain. Well, EC01 targets all your acupuncture points, massage them and relieve all the agony. This feature revitalizes your body and gives you a refreshing sleep.
  • Flapping: EC01 also targets deep tissue muscles and massages them. Such an action relieves your stress and allows you to think better.


BestMassage EC01 has everything that you can expect from high quality massage chair. But, it’s more than just a piece of massage furniture. The options to relax, different intensity of the massage, pre-designed massage programs, variety of speed controls, and acupuncture point massage are other features that adds value to this chair.

And how can we forget the zero gravity positioning and body scan mechanism? With all these functions and features, EC01 offers a unique massage experience that you can compare with a spa or massage expert. Let’s discuss the benefits of the Shiatsu zero gravity chair in detail.

Completely customizable: You can sit on the BestMassage zero gravity massage chair for some time and still, you will not be able to discover or explore all its features. You might not believe us, but it’s true. EC01 is a highly customizable chair, which allows you to experiment with its settings and choose the most comfortable spot. Isn’t it great after a long day of hard work?

Relives body pain: Are you suffering from muscle or joint pain? Try the EC01 because it’s one of the best machines to improve your blood circulation, which relaxes your muscles and relieves all the pain. Apart from that, the chair is also perfect for users dealing with decreased mobility and any kind of muscle tension.

Perfect for any area: EC01 has standard dimensions that you can assemble and use anywhere in the house. We know some massage chairs that come pre-assembled, but you cannot easily move them to a different location. But, things are different with this zero gravity chair.

BestMassage chair comes semi-assembled, but you can take this furniture to its destination without any hassles. It weighs 400 pounds. But, there are rollers to assist you. In addition, the chair is stylish, elegant and hence, it mixes well with other furniture pieces.


Significant footprint: We are just letting you know if you don’t have much knowledge about massage chairs. Not only EC01, but all these furniture pieces are heavy and occupy a lot of space. None of them can be compact and lightweight like your regular chair. And it’s obvious because none other chairs can offer a truckload of features and settings like EC01.

So, if you are interested in the BestMassage Shiatsu chair then we suggest that you find a suitable spot. Choose an area where you can easily place it and enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation.

Lacks vibrations for arms and legs: Do you need targeted exposure for your arms and legs? Well, then the EC01 is not the right machine for you. It’s because this model lacks any vibration function in these two parts. Instead, this chair has an air squeeze that works well for average users, but not if you have some kind of health troubles. However, it has vibrations for all other parts of your body including feet and back.

Hopeless user’s manual: Another disappointment is a half-hearted manual. Read it and assembling the chair will be tougher than your expectations, instead of being easy. However, not many buyers complain about this. Looks like American users got some superpowers or instincts about massage chair assembly.

Still, the guidelines might not be helpful if you are a beginner. So, we recommend that you don’t have to be desperate while setting up the chair.

Broken reports: Some of the users stated that EC01 stopped working without any warning. The maximum active period was between 3 weeks to 15 months. It’s the reason why suggest that you purchase this machine from Amazon. The online store will help you if anything goes wrong.


Are massage chairs worth buying?

A massage chair cannot replicate human hands, but you can overlook this single factor, then it deserves your investment. It’s adequate for users who need a regular dose of healthy massage.

Do zero gravity chairs help back?

Daily usage of a zero gravity chair can reduce pressure on your lower back, which increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation. Once the lower back pressure is reduced, you will automatically feel relief from pain and sciatica symptoms. Plus, you will enjoy a night of better sleep.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

We suggest that you should use a massage chair three to four-time every week, especially if you want to relax your shoulders, neck, or back. If you want some stress relief, then once to thrice per week is sufficient.

Final talk

If you want to relax, rejuvenate your soul or mind and release stress, then BestMassage EC01 is one of the best options to try. You don’t have to visit a massage parlor or spa if you own this one. Yes, there are some small flaws, but overall it’s a high-quality massage chair to include in your lifestyle. Plus, this product has a low price tag, but there are useful features that make it worth your investment.

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